Herbert Grönemeyer - Ich will mehr (English translation)

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I Want More

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Fallen like a stone
Blown away by a storm
Flown to the heavens
Scattered amongst the stars
Want more, still more
With hot shudders
Sent into the cold
Heated again
The next trip
Want more, still more
Blinded by the night, bathed in light
Rolling thunder under cover, intoxicating
Come here, want more
Slaughtered between cushions
Richly murdered in passion
Reborn, lovemaking
Want more, much more
Driven to extremes
Heart hammering
Hazed, clouded
Once more gaining clarity
Want more, still more
Completely peaceful in your hands
Fire doused, immediately blazing again
Come here, want more, throw me off course
Show me the way
Go too far
Send me over the edge
Want to see wonders
And turn
Want everything, spare me nothing
Far from being cured
I need much more, more than enough
Open ocean
Crimson moon
Torn apart by waves
Raging over
Want more, still more
The eyes closed
Spinning gyroscope
Spherical colors
Hit by lightening, nearly destroyed
Covered by your lips
Come here, want more, straight through paradise
Show me...
Stay, don't go
Still need you
Tend me to health, tend for me into sickness
Do something for my downfall
Love me, leave me no choice
Until there is nothing more
Release me from this torment
Overwhelmed with longing, much too much feeling
Show me...
Submitted by Maulbeere on Sat, 17/09/2011 - 03:02
Author's comments:

Lustmord doesn't translate directly into English but it literally means "sex-murder", meaning manslaughter as a crime of passion.


Ich will mehr

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