Udo Lindenberg - Ich zieh' meinen Hut (English translation)

English translation

I take off my hat

I've been racing thru this life
I skidded off the bends
I knocked out myself
and always kept on gambling
Where something was going on - I was there
Was the sorcerer in every bar
I was beyond every border - and so much further
Man, I almost lost myself
But such a hero falls down, stands up, starts all over again
But you've always been with me somehow
Like a brilliant melody
that gripped me and took me home
And you were there, when I was shattered
and no matter what I did
you've never booed
Mille grazie, I take off my hat to you
You've been always there for me
on the highway to hell
Rock heroes die young
Rock heroes live fast
Yeah, one risks a lot
for the special kick
Many times I crossed the great divide
But you coolly saved my life
'cause no one ever loved me like this
You're a guardian angel doing overtime
Refrain x2
Submitted by Mauler on Sun, 24/01/2010 - 14:16
Author's comments:

Mille grazie = Thanks a thousand times (Italian)


Ich zieh' meinen Hut

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