Idegen (English translation)

English translation


Why am i still awake? It's 3:13
the livingroom is soaked, or is it a dream that i walk on water?
i'm not myself, it's like someone is controlling me.
both of my eyelids toren, like someone is shining a light!
a lost leader is not needed for the clan!
i'm another crazy gossip of your curious mom.
the world is spinning, i got trapped by a fucking merry-go-round
if i would tear its chains a huge stone would fall on my head.
the power keeping me chained is supernatural
i tore my tooth out, i didn't feel anythin'
why can't i run?i want to get out!
-humanoid, it's important to know every data about you!
this is terriblye, they're aliens not human,
neurotic machines, they got me,they don't let me go,
they call me unnapeased, a man without god,
i can't do anything, they lead me to mistery.
It's time for you to go extinct, your unintellingt kind,
your days are numbered,
we stand above you, in the top of the food-chain
what's your destiny, we knew it from the beginning
you, the one i'm talking to, you're too weak to be alive
the gamma rays are coming, you can't stop us
it's a waste to fuel the tank of the spaceship with your contaminated blood.
we're done here!i'm vaporizing you earthling!
The objects in the room started to swim like fishes,
my head is coming apart, my brain wants to catapult itself out,
i can't move, my eyelids open slightly
light fills the void, someone is tearing my door apart
i'm falling asleep, i get my conscuiosnes back in a stranger place
i don't know what they pumped inside me, but i would accept another dose,
i hear people's voice, begging for their life.
some are yelling, some are nearly whimpering.
i'm running for my life, i left the beasts behind
but i can't see the way out, only the crop circles,
stay quiet, stop moving,
or the deadly gas pillar will get you
fuck, what will happen to me, i woke up, so where am i
i felt the bad stench, i understood the program,
the moonlings are burning me, i'm not seeing next sunrise,
i can't take the pain anymore, unimaginable horror
-Turn the switch!
...we created you
for ourself, what you don't know, we terraformed an island,
we're everywhere, your goverment know about us,
how we shape, that's how your country became
you became undeveloped, your lost soul
for me you're nothing else than a fucked up experiment,
y'all prepare for suffering!
because we're going to drown you in the sea of fear
...i'm probing your ass.
i made a vest out of your mom's skin and now i put it on you!
....i store your cerebrum.
you're not going to reproduct again, i'm going to sking your wille!
....suck my tentacles.
you don't have much left, damnation is on your back!
....I'm folding your spine in half.
you can call your executor precise!
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