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Meanings of "ASAP, STAT, or PDQ"


ASAP stands for As Soon As Possible and is pronounced A-sap. Few say A.S.A.P. as may be written officially. STAT means statim in Latin, used widely in the medical field. PDQ means Pretty Damn/Darn Quick, and is widely used.
All mean, immediately, if not sooner. "Quick, fast, and in a hurry"

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Explained by Ww WwWw Ww
Statim - immediately, at once, presently - 3_of_a_perfect 2 weeks ago

Inicializmy alebo skratky pre "As Soon As Possible" (Ang: Tak skoro ako sa dá), "statim" (Lat: okamžite) a "Pretty Damn Quick" (Pekne/Sakra rýchlo). Všetky sa používajú na vyjadrenie vôľe/potreby rýchleho - najlepšie okamžitého - vykonania prozby/príkazu.

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