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With bated breath

Submitted by sajlovicnatasa on 2017-05-01

Meanings of "With bated breath"


Sa strepnjom, sa nestrpljivim očekivanjem. S pritajenim dahom. Ne dišući.

Explained by sajlovicnatasasajlovicnatasa on Mon, 01/05/2017 - 19:48
Explained by sajlovicnatasasajlovicnatasa

"With bated breath" in lyrics

Michalis Hatzigiannis - I'm dancing

You want me dangerously
you play in my waves
and you burn my wind
Like a compass, hugs

Healer (OST) - When You Hold Me Tight

Even through high tide and tempestuos rainfall
I’ll be by your side with bated breath and (together) we’ll sail through it all

WayV - Phantom

Fade out phantom

With bated breath, you await that captured gaze
As the night arrives

WayV - Romantic Fermentation (Up From Here)

I think I’m in love with you.
As a result, I do my best
To cross the parallels with bated breath.
We must redefine where we go.

A. R. Rahman - Help Me, O Lord!

Help me, Help me, Help me, O Lord!
What does my life hold? Now, what would be my story?
The times are listening to the story with bated breath
O my Giver (Allah)! O my Lord (Allah)! What kind of hardships are these?

Ethel Cain - Ptolemaea

I am the face of love's rage
Blessed be the Daughters of Cain, bound to suffering eternal through the sins of their fathers committed long before their conception
Blessed be their whore mothers, tired and angry waiting with bated breath in a ferry that will never move again
Blessed be the children, each and every one come to know their god through some senseless act of violence

Daab - In my garden

And I will not forget those joyful moments
When I was unable to utter a word
I looked into your eyes with bated breath
And thus lasted our wordless conversation


shindong: riding over the clouds till we reAch the sky,
it's as if it's only the two of us left in the world
yesung: my heart palpitates as I come closer with bated breath
holding you in my arms

Lyube - Stalingrad

Such a silence rests.
On the Mamayev kurgan time, with bated breath.
Time, with bated breath,
Looks silently to the clouds!


eunhyuk: tension is its height,
as is the signal between you and me
with bated breath, i step on the accelerator
and race at maximum speed

Bi-2 - Personal Space

And we are so afraid to trust
Like children awaiting a miracle
With bated breath

KINGDOM - Long Live The King

Before the sun rises again
The moment I waited for with bated breath
Even if everything changes, I shall stand here

Gacharic Spin - ハンティングサマー (Hunting Summer)

The set aim with bated breath
Urban (city) Savannah midsummer pitfalls

Gaze I feel from the sunglasses over

Gavin Clark - Painted Glass

You know I wanna hear the street
Seems like we've been here the long year
We've been here with bated breath
You've been looking for angle

Slayer - Mandatory Suicide

Spikes impale you as you're forced off the crest.
Soldier of misfortune
Hunting with bated breath.

Nightwish - Cadence of Her Last Breath

Why do I miss someone
I never met, with bated breath I lay
Seawinds brought her to me

Gacharic Spin - Black Survival feat.Fuki

I’m stepping back from it all, even the knowledge of sin
No one can see through me, right? My other self
With bated breath, I pull the strings. The black shadow is here now, too

Jonah scott - Predator and prey

A face that fosters fear and hate
The taste of flesh and love forlorn
With bated breath a beast is born

Jamala - Cactus

Show yourself to me, am I in a fairytale blossom or in the desert?
I'm waiting, with bated breath.
And I run towards the light, there are questions without answers,

Tanz der Vampire (Musical) - I can't sleep at this night

When will you snuggle against me
In silence?
My soul waits with bated breath
When will you