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behind bars

Submitted by stary night on Sat, 11/03/2017 - 21:28

Idiomatic translations of "behind bars"

derrière les barreaux
en taule
hinter Gittern
Hinter schwedischen Gardinen
מאחורי סריג ובריח
सलाखों के पीछे
Dietro le sbarre
atrás das grades
După gratii
Italian, Romanian #1, #2

Meanings of "behind bars"


in jail

Explained by stary nightstary night on Sat, 11/03/2017 - 21:28
Explained by stary nightstary night

jail in a local police station

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Explained by Ramesh MehtaRamesh Mehta

trellide taha

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Πίσω απ'τα σίδερα, στη φυλακή.

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Explained by StavroulaStavroula

پشت میله‌های زندان

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"behind bars" in lyrics

Soolking - Milano

La la la la la, it is either rich or behind bars,
La la la la la, living deluxe, shopping in Milano,

Otava Yo - Sumetskaya

So that my belly wouldn’t ache,
Let the people judge us,
Let’s get merry behind bars.

Shawn Sung - Life's a Struggle

I almost suffocate in the dead air of the court
Facing a life sentence, I finally began to think
Behind bars, nothing is the same
There is no peace in the eyes of the damned

Zaho - Kif n dir

I muse at the airplanes through the window
Behind bars, me, who wants to escape
I never felt like submitting myself

Los Tigres del Norte - My Prisoner Blood

I saw so cute playing in my lap
I felt that the crying stared me to betray
Behind bars he look at me with affection
He wasn’t a child anymore he was a full criminal

Pornofilmy - This will pass

A wet plastic bag on its head
Electric shock marks on its hands
My Russia is behind bars
But trust me

Ricardo Arjona - My Country

Leaving my knees in the asphalt
The nun that used to pull my ears
Or the friend that I saw behind bars
Everything was left there

Arkady Severny - Steam Engine, Slow Down

And my life is now an endless game.

And if I am captured and locked in behind bars,
I'll break these bars in my prison cell,

Michel Berger - Diego (Free in his mind)

Behind bars
Because of a few words
He though so loudly
Outside, outside it's hot

Kino - City

I look at the calendar, I know that winter is coming.
Our street changes colors in front of our eyes.
Behind bars of yellow foliage, I see birds.
My twentieth autumn drives me crazy.

France Gall - Diego (Free in his head)

Behind bars
For some words
That he thought so loudly.
Outside, outside it's hot

Le Groupe Swing - Face to Face

The more you do your show, the more you want your dose
Whether it's true or false, you don't choose your words
The next level, is behind bars

Louane - Mommy

Dreams pile up into the subways,
Skyscrapers look down on us
Like a bird behind bars.

Chi Zhiqiang - Tears behind Bars

Bent moon, it's shining on my chest;
Mother, your son misses you behind bars.
I repent of not having taken your advice,

Johnny Hallyday - Diego

Behind bars
For few words
That he thought so hard.
Outside it's hot

José María Napoleón - Little Bird

the onlookers beneath that streetlight.
Night after night, she was arrested twenty times
and she sang her song behind bars.

Christine and the Queens - The stranger (Water thief)


It's always the same guys wearing fluorescent clothes

Nikita Bogoslovsky - Moonshiners's Song

We may spend time without worries
Behind bars all the year round.
Behind bars all the year round.

Louane - Mama

Subways are crammed with dreams,
Skyscrapers look down on us
Like a bird behind bars.

Kat Dahlia - Gangsta

Candy says to stop, my voice is getting too harsh
So I sobered up, and my thoughts they rush
And now I think of you behind bars
Cross state lines, they spliffin' good