Bend over backwards

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Idiomatic translations of "Bend over backwards"

Dəridən-qabıqdan çıxmaq
Lean over backwards
Fall over backwards
Sin streĉi (elrampi) el la haŭto
Kuoriutua ihosta pois
Se saigner aux quatre veines
Se plier en quatre
Se mettre en quatre
Faire des pieds et des mains
Unmögliches möglich machen
γίνομαι θυσία
κάνω τ' αδύνατα δυνατά
Farsi in quattro
лезть из кожи вон

Meanings of "Bend over backwards"


Çox çalışmaq, əlləşmək; Kiməsə kömək etməyə çalışmaq.

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To do everything one can to help some one

I can't belive how he treated me after I bent over backwards for him

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To try very hard

I had to lean over backwards to finish it by today

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to try very hard

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To go out of your way to accommodate someone. to do everything humanly possible to fulfill their needs and desires. Sometimes without recognition. "They are never happy. You bend over backwards to make their stay pleasant and all they so is complain!"

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Truditi se više nego što treba. Činiti nemoguće. Činiti sve što je u tvojoj moći.

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çok çalışmak, üzerine düşmek/gitmek, uğraşmak.

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"Bend over backwards" in lyrics

Wolfgang Petry - The Devil Knows

Last night turned everything upside down
You got me in bed in no time at all
I bend over backwards for youu
You throw me under the bus

Edoardo Bennato - The Fox and the Cat

It doesn't happen every day
To have two advisors
Two upright entrepreneurs who bend over backwards for you

Tiger Hu - Take Everything You Want

I would fear that in the future, he won't have anyone to spoil him
Even if he doesn't understand my pain
I no longer need to bend over backwards for you
One year, two year, three years

Aladdin (OST) [2019] - I'm your best friend

I'm your maître d' of your life restaurant
May you make an order to my ear,
I bend over backwards for my friends !

SNH48 - Princess Cloak

Touching my sleeve with my left hand, and waving with my right
Not talking too much nor afraid, only after the princess becomes the highest ranked military personnel
I won't bend over backwards to try and win; and if I lose, I won't lower my head
No such thing as permanent winners and losers with consequences, let the red cloak await

Joey Travolta - What Did Love Ever Do For You?

You're heading straight for the ground?

For love, you would bend over backwards to please her
For love, you would sacrifice all of your pride

Eminem - 25 to Life

[Verse 2: Eminem]
I feel like when I bend over backwards for you, all you do is laugh
‘Cause that ain't good enough

Robin Packalen - The moment of spark

Think about what you want and make a list of it
And then you'll live it from dusk till dawn, as you've gotten more energy at night
You'll bend over backwards for it even though sometimes it gets hard

Die Ärzte - Golden Craft

Don't need latium, hang around with musicians
I'm loyal but dumb (a drumming man...)
Bend over backwards for the bands (... is a courageous man)
I'm a man without a purpose, don't belong anywhere...

Kostas Varnalis - If

If your virtue prevents you from talking with the crowds
and when you're around a bigwig you bend over backwards
if neither foes nor loving friends matter to you

Stabil - Mr. Rounder

The earth has become difficult, tyrannizing over my heart
I was born in Neopolis*
Some bend over backwards their abilities, some is rapper naturally

Terminal Choice - Commerce

Is it that what you want?
Is it that what you need?
Is it worth to bend over backwards
just to please everybody?

Stahlmann - Demoness

Yeah, I know full well it'll work out alright
I gave everything, gave it all away
I hoped too often to bend over backwards

Simon Will - Better without me

than I ever, ever did
I wish for you that you will finally get what you deserve
That never bend over backwards again
That you fall in love again

Orla Gartland - Flatline

I thought I knew you well
Stay on your good side, say what you wanna hear
Bend over backwards and shut up until I disappear
You'd never change for anyone

Julia Adams - Origami

That gaze that promises me everything
But you only want me sometimes
I bend over backwards for you
Like origami

Georgio - You know what's going on

You sell your ass for a big mac
Look at the slut, I'm the sofabed itself
I don't bend over backwards without the beat leaving
I'm rapping a tragic life, guys aree laughing around

The Go-Go's - Good Girl

I'm gonna smile til it hurts
So everybody loves me
I'll bend over backwards
Swallow all my angry words

Fotos - Actually happy

You go to work and back again
You stand on your legs
Or bend over backwards

Marjo - Provocative

you know it, you do it on purpose,
when you bend over backwards
in front of these gentlemen.