to the bones

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Idiomatic translations of "to the bones"

Do krajnjih granica
gennem/til marv og ben
bis auf die Haut (z. B. durchnässt...)
До нитки
Russian #1, #2
До коже
iliklerine kadar

Meanings of "to the bones"


1. To an extreme degree. 2. Through and through;

Explained by Yelda ŞahinYelda Şahin on Sat, 05/11/2022 - 02:53
Explained by Yelda ŞahinYelda Şahin

"to the bones" in lyrics

Lena - Strip

All we need is love, love, love, love
So strip
Right down to the bones, yeah (To the bones, yeah)
It's hard but oh, I know

Woodkid - Iron

The steady burst of snow is burning my hands,
I’m frozen to the bones, I am
A million mile from home, I’m walking away

Aleksandra Prijović - Rich beggar

Refrain (x3)
When the weather changes, you hurt me to the bones
You took off a lot, you're asking for forgiveness

Alexander Bashlachev - Time of Little Bells

We'll roar, whistle, warble,
It'll reach to the bones, to the fingertips.
Hey, brothers! Can you feel in your gut

Maya Berović - To the bones

You want to love only when it hurts
Hurts to the bones
And you're putting salt on my wound while you're praying

OneRepublic - Let's Hurt Tonight

When, when you came home
Worn to the bones
I told myself, "this could get rough"

Jorge Rivera-Herrans - Wouldn't you like

Like you're on your hundredth date
She can conjure up a monster
That'll grind you to the bones
She has all the ways to haunt ya

Azahriah - four moods

It's time to do it backwards
I got you slippin' through that hole
Stripped down to the bones
Closin' doors

Juanes - The Money

If I love you with the soul
If I love you to the bones
My heart is not only yours

KYUHYUN - Open Your Eyes

As long as you're alive, Please open your eyes

Lost in the snow and freezing to the bones
Have you ever waited to be hungry?

Tiziano Ferro - More

I get yesterday and today mixed up, a bit.
I'm thinking about it, tomorrow.
And the soul, which would want to "speak",
is keeping silent now, and is not singing any more.

Justin Bieber - Slowly

Let me go now into your danger zones
I will make you scream
Gonna have chills up to the bones

Fish in a Birdcage - Rule #15 - Four Aces

The days are hot the days are long
Shackles, chains, shovels and spades
Work me to the bones

Pablo Alborán - Juggles

I woke up from you and the thirst was left to me
From many trips without a wallet and without a destiny
Fire, fire, to the bones

AloeVera - Ridiculous

I'd like to speak with you, no touching and no subtlety
Naked to the bones in any given plane
Walking arm-in-arm with you, remembering of what was said.

Georg Kreisler - Poisoning Pigeons

Together we rest in the arbor
And each one poisons a pigeon.
Spring percolates us to the bones
When we poison pigeons in the park

Grace (South Korea) - Zombie High

No worries about it
아무 걱정들 마요
from flesh to the bones
yall be ready to be blown

Paty Cantú - Luckily It Isn't You

that intoxicates my body with love
that makes me addicted with every kiss
that makes me fall in love to the bones
Luckily it isn't you

U-KISS - Standing Still

Only I didn’t know about your cruel ending
I didn’t notice your kerosene yeah
I am burning to the bones

Grace (South Korea) - Zombie High

No worries about it
Don't worry about anything
from flesh to the bones
yall be ready to be blown