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Building castles in the air

Submitted by evfokas on 2013-01-27

Idiomatic translations of "Building castles in the ..."

sevel kestell el loar
fer castells en l'aire
domeček z karet
At bygge luftkasteller
Building castles in the sky
Castles in Spain
House of cards
Faire des plans sur une comète
bâtir des châteaux en Espagne
Château en Espagne
Luftschlösser bauen
Σπίτι απο κάρτες
Greek #1, #2
Légvárakat épít
Costruire castelli in aria
Italian #1, #2
Castello di carte
Қиялымен Хиуаны алу
In aere aedificas
domek z kart
Строить воздушные замки
Stavať (si) vzdušné zámky/ zámky v oblakoch
Zidati gradove v oblakih
Hacer castillos en el aire
Aklı havada olmak

Meanings of "Building castles in the ..."


Simple imagining something, not really working towards it.

Explained by Phoenix_RisingPhoenix_Rising on Sun, 27/01/2013 - 20:22
Explained by Phoenix_RisingPhoenix_Rising

Realisticky snívať o niečom čo sa nedá splniť. Jednoducho si predstavovať uskutočnenie nejakej nemožnej predstavy.

Explained by SlovakiaSlovakia on Fri, 20/12/2013 - 19:00
Explained by SlovakiaSlovakia

"Building castles in ..." in lyrics

Fauve ≠ - Rub A Dub

It's been so long since it happened, and here it hits me, until there I wasn't really doing anything, I was going from one person to another without really getting attached. It was kinda creepy but yeah... I'm like anybody else, what do you expect...
But there I see us totally dancing in slow-mo on some rub-a-dub body-to-body, we look at each other in the eyes, and we set out again by tacking.
I see us running, swimming naked, blushing, sweating, until we burn, building castles in the air, and making love under lightning.


One day anyways we will answer for our actions
Building castles in the air is fine but that's not what I really need
You are my everything and I believe your words

The Minds of 99 - Swift Hands

The bridges are on fire
We're drinking wine and dancing closely
We're building castles in the air
We live and love

Artisti uniti per l'Abruzzo - Domani 21 aprile

Between the clouds and the stones the dreams of everyone pass
the sun passes every day without ever being late
Where will I be tomorrow? Where will I be?
Between the clouds and the sea there is a coaching inn

Georges Brassens - Ninety five per cent

I hear comments by the train-load coming in
from those who build castles in the sexy air1 :
"It's because you're hopeless, don't know how to do it right

  • 1. Cythera was reputedly the birth isle of Venus, and became the ideal site for sexual antics - building castles on Cythera is like building castles in the air but with a definitely sexual slant

Divokej Bill - Building Castles in the Air

That's this building castles in the air of yours,
building castles in the air,
with your bare hands,

Chage and Aska - Castles in the air (On your mark)

One voice will ease your mind
So let me carry you until you fly
We'll be building castles in the air
If you want me to, I'll take you there

Starmania (Musical) - The World Is Stone

I’m too tired to run
I’m too tired to cry
Let me search for my sun
Let me let myself die

Alberto Cortez - Castles in the air

clothed in good sense.

For building castles in the air
in the sun, with clouds of cotton,

Joe - I Believe In You

I never believed in miracles
Or building castles in the air
Not until that day I found you

Alberto Cortez - Castles in the air

dressed of sanity.

For building castles in the air
in broad sunlight, with cotton clouds,

ELINA (Sweden) - Paper Planes

You and I were building castles in the air without looking back
But now I tell you all the things that I don’t really want to think about

Anna Oxa - The wall

The wall – the one in front of the school,
mornings passed building castles in the air
and I who felt lonely

Savatage - Sleep

And as I lay there at night
Building castles in the air
Out of alibis and all those little lies

Josefin Nilsson - We Won't Be Going Anywhere

His voice is filled with expectation
He's building castles in the air
Scattered around, travel books everywhere

Lina Mayer - Lost

Even you are well aware,
Even you are well aware
That I don’t want to be building castles in the air.

Johan Papaconstantino - Purple

Tomorrow, a headache
To be discussed like a poet
And building castles in the air
It’s hard to make love

Lefa - Fortune

[Verse 1]
We could make a fortune, it's not a matter of building castles in the air
There's still family in the slums drinking dirty water

The Moody Blues - Twilight Time

In twilight time dream with me a while

Building castles in the air Whistling to the wind
As nature bows down her head

Jesús Quintero - We became old

We became old without noticing; as if we had gone to bed one night and the following morning when we opened our eyes ten or fifteen years had gone by.

We became old running from the fuzz, running in order not to be late for an appointment or a rock concert, not to miss the bus or so that the last hour won't screw us up.
we've grown old painting the walls, dreaming of heavens, building those castles in the air that people calling utopias.