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Caesar non supra grammaticos

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Meanings of "Caesar non supra ..."


Nije Cezar iznad gramatičara. Vladari se ne trebaju miješati u poslove nauke. Cezar je prije bitke protiv Pompeja kod Farsale 48. g.p.n.e. poslao u Rim glasnika sa nalozima kako da se urede pitanja izučavanja latinskog jezika. Tada mu je Senat ovako odgovorio.

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Explained by MaryanchyMaryanchy

In a speech to the Council of Constance in 1414, the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg happened to use the Latin word schisma, meaning "schism." Unfortunately for him, he muddled up its gender—schisma should be a neuter word, but he used it as if it were feminine. When the error was pointed out to him, Sigismund angrily proclaimed that because he was Emperor, even if the word was neuter (which it was) it would be feminine from now on, at which point one member of the Council supposedly stood and replied, "Caesar non supra grammaticos"—or "The Emperor is not above the grammarians." The phrase quickly became a popular proverbial defence of the importance of good grammar and spelling.

Explained by MaryanchyMaryanchy on Mon, 03/12/2018 - 15:22
Explained by MaryanchyMaryanchy