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to call a bluff

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Meanings of "to call a bluff"


Based on the literal meaning of this phrase as used in card games such as poker. A player who is bluffing may pretend to have a winning hand when in fact he or she does not. To call one’s bluff in poker is to challenge one to show his or her cards.
It can be used to challenge someone to carry out a threat or prove the truth of a statement.

Example: The bank robber threatened to shoot the bank guard, but the guard called the robber’s bluff by walking up
to him and taking away his gun.

Explained by ϕιλομαθήςϕιλομαθής on Sun, 15/07/2018 - 15:14
Explained by ϕιλομαθήςϕιλομαθής

Rest çekmek,
Karşıdaki kişinin blöfünü farkedip üzerine gitmek
Karşıdaki kişinin aldatıcı tavırlarına kanmamak

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"to call a bluff" in lyrics

Anitta - Yes Or No

[Pre-Chorus: Anitta]
Everything can happen
You'll have to call my bluff
If it's gonna happen, if it's earnest, or not

Halestorm - I Miss the Misery

I'd rather fight than just fake it ('cause I like it rough)
You know that I've had enough
I dare you to call my bluff
Can't take too much of a good thi-ing

Ice Nine Kills - Take Your Pick

Soon hearts will be broken
And the damage severe
You'll fall headless over heels
Once the 14th is here...

Vigiland - Friday Night

Friday night
Put my backpack on to do my thing
But the bouncer wouldn't let me in
He just stood there with a stupid grin

Bob Dylan - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

When the game got rough
But the joke was on me
There was nobody even there to call my bluff
I’m going back to New York City

Hayley Williams - Pure Love

The opposite
The opposite of love is fear
I’m still trying to get
Used to how the former feels

Temple Of The Dog - Call Me A Dog

You call me a dog well that's fair enough
Cause it ain't no use to pretend
You're wrong
When you call me out I can't hide anymore

Toby Keith - As Good As I Once Was

She said, "I'e seen you in here before."
I said, "I've been here a time or two."
She said, "Hello, my
Name is Bobby Jo

Marina (United Kingdom) - Can't Pin Me Down

Do you think I'm stuck up 'cause I'm always picking fights?
You might think I'm one thing, but I am another
You can't call my bluff, time to back off, motherfucker

Tiny Little Houses - You Tore My Heart Out

I'm too tired to smile again
And I'm too hurt to ever be friends
There's no use in lying again

ABREU - Mr. Perfect

You try to act like you're flawless
So high on yourself,think you're too good to be true
Like it's you who built all this
But that ain't the case,boy,you know it takes two,me and you

Ama Lou - Tried Up

It could be better I wouldn't even know
Tried to call my bluff when you had your last go
And a keen forty, did you say you'd make my last show?

Camera Obscura - Teenager

For your birthday she sent you a card
She didn't sign her name she gave an autograph
Now she's trying to call your bluff
She your true love?

Shin Guard - You Will Be Held Accountable For Your Actions

“nice to meet you” is it really though?
a hint of leering with a heartless glow.
“heard a lot about you”
from a couple of friends,

Dan Bull - Congratulations

But I just bleeped the word "stuff"
Or did I?
Got the algorithm trying to call my bluff
But I already said "fuck"

Voivod - Sonic Mycelium

This nice spot that I found
Connected to the ground
I'm staying here all night
Staring at the open sky

Adam Fan - Missed Texts

I kept it a hunin' from the jump (from the jump)
Loyalty I'll always put that over lust (over lust)
Now you hit my line up just to call my bluff (call my bluff)
Tryna pull my card when I'm a royal flush

Kristoff Krane - Al7one

Pressed up against the wall
Going through withdrawals
Down on all fours to evolve
Crawlin' towards the door

Westside Cast - Back at the Bottom

The doors are shut
I'm shaken up but talking tough, I'm always ready
My demons love to call my bluff
Yet not enough lies always get me

Tarquin Alexandra - Interlude

For fear of misbehaving
To call my bluff again
I'm craving to touch the waves of release