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Culuri cani ca curri

Submitted by Qaqqu on 2021-12-29

Meanings of "Culuri cani ca curri"


IPA: [kʊluːɾɪ ˈkaːnɪ ka ˈkuʐʐɪ]

Literally: Running dog's colour

Expression used to indicate an indefinite and unidentifiable colour, like the coat of a running dog

Explained by QaqquQaqqu on Wed, 05/10/2022 - 10:23
Explained by QaqquQaqqu

IPA: [kʊluːɾɪ ˈkaːnɪ ka ˈkuʐʐɪ]

Letteralmente: Colore cane che corre

Espressione utilizzata per indicare un colore indefinito e non bene identificabile, come il manto di un cane in corsa

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Explained by QaqquQaqqu