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Dive in head first

Submitted by Ww Ww on 2016-07-19

Idiomatic translations of "Dive in head first"

Skočit do něčeho po hlavě
horem pádem
pea ees vette hüppama
pea ees vette sööstma
Plonger la tête la première,
na złamanie karku
сломя голову
Не чувствовать под собой ног

Meanings of "Dive in head first"


To go into something full speed, full commitment without necessarily checking (the water depth) how much is involved first. On a project there are too many possibilities to stop completion by just 'diving in head first'. Planning avoids that.

Explained by Ww WwWw Ww on Tue, 19/07/2016 - 23:25
Explained by Ww WwWw Ww

"Dive in head first" in lyrics

Petula Clark - I Drive

For a yellow line,
a blue horizon,
I dive in head-first.

Britney Spears - Swimming in the Stars

Dream me to life
Write our names in the pillow skies
We can meet in our minds
If our days count us out of time

Against The Current - Brighter

Sometimes we gotta risk it all, to chase a dream
It's dive in head first, all-or-nothing kind of thing
Every single time that we lay it on the line

Yulia Savicheva - Other Half

Do you want to get warm and hide away?
Do you want to? Dive in head first
You are my warm happiness

Pay Money To My Pain - Invisible night –murderer-

This is the sky
I will dive in head-first

Halestorm - Killing ourselves to live

[Verse 1]
Jump into the fire
Dive in head first into the flames
We're broken and tired

António Variações - Warm Wave

Submerge yourself in my wave,
You'll see that you'll feel well!
Submerge yourself in my wave,
You'll see that you'll feel well!

We the Kings - That Feeling

The morning light opened my eyes
I feel the storm from a crazy night
Can't find my keys, I feel so lost

Red Hearse - Red Hearse

I'll dive in it head first
Like I'm ridin' in a red hearse
I'll dive in it head first
Like I'm ridin' in a red hearse

Girl on Fire - Not Broken

I shouldn't feel alone,
Been waiting for this time
To dive head first in this mess,
Will I scratch the surface?

LoveRance - Up!

[Verse 4: Skipper]
I'm me, you know I'm a big dog
I dive in head first like a free fall
Big wood, thicker then a tree log

Álex Ubago - What Do You Ask For?

May die in a single moment,
Due to my fear of making mistakes
Perhaps I will dive in head first from the sky,
As I did with you once,