Dog eat dog

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Idiomatic translations of "Dog eat dog"

Kör tuttuğunu topal yakaladığını

Meanings of "Dog eat dog"


ruthless, competitive, and fast-paced

Example: Joe moved from New York City to a small town because life in the Big Apple was dog eat dog.

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پر گیرودار، خودخواهی و بی‌رحمی
وضعیتی که افراد حاضرند به خاطر منافعشان (و رسیدن به هدف) به دیگران صدمه بزنند (رقابت ظالمانه)

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беспощадный; безжалостный; волчий закон; человек человеку волк.

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"Dog eat dog" in lyrics


As days go by in a rush
You've forgotten why you exist.
And you are unaware of the problems you've caused.
You want to laugh, you want to have fun.

Riccardo Fogli - Melancholy

Imagine a dark period of life without love
In search for a night created for drinking,
And all your life is a glass,
And you wait for the daybreak to fall asleep.

Survive Said The Prophet - MUKANJYO

To sink or swim、生き残るために
dog eat dog world だと言い聞かせ
What went wrong?

lildeath - moment

(Vierre Cloud)
He-ah-oo-woah-la-la, He-ah-oo woah...
A new kind of love
Genetically altered

Langston Hughes - Let America Be America Again

I am the immigrant clutching the hope I seek--
And finding only the same old stupid plan
Of dog eat dog, of mighty crush the weak.

Lacrim - I Hurt

But they’re wrong, for in stolen gold
I had no point of reference
Dog eat dog world
Disaster with the police

Doja Cat - Juicy (Remix)

I keep it juicy juicy, I eat that lunch (Yeah)
She keep that booty booty, she keep that plump (Yeah yeah)
That natural beauty beauty, yeah, yeah
If you could see it from the front, wait till you see it from the back, back, back, back, back

Vinland Saga (OST) - 無感情

To sink or swim 生き残るために
Dog eat dog world だと言い聞かせる
What went wrong?

Tuomari Nurmio - "Thousand" Boots

I have a pair of "thousand" boots on my feet.
They don't weigh a thousand, but they cost that.
Sometimes I sing them a song,
when I don't sing for someone else.

Sido - Heaven will have to wait


Okay, wait a minute, look at me, you see it?
I'm cool and stuff, I'm really enjoying myself

B Ray - Do For Love

What'd you do for love?
Do for love?
What'd you do, what'd you do, what'd you do for love?
What'd you do for love?

Trey Songz - Animal

I like it

I ain't gonna lie but baby, you get pretty wild, girl
When you take it off, take it off

Snoop Dogg - Gin and Juice

[Intro: Daz Dillinger & (Snoop Dogg)]
(Ugh) Ha-ha-ha, I'm serious, nigga
One of y'all niggas got some bad motherfuckin' breath
(Oh, man) Aye, baby, aye, baby, (shit) aye, baby

Amazarashi - Missile

We want everybody to keep treating us well. So we keep pretending like we’ve been hurt.
What is permitted us is religiosity. What is permitted us is materialism.
And if you tell us it’s for the good of humanity, it’ll just become a dog-eat-dog world.

Guns N' Roses - Nightrain

I got one chance left
In a nine live cat
I got a dog eat dog sly smile
I got a Molotov cocktail

Boz Scaggs - Lowdown

You ain't got to be so bad, got to be so cold
This dog eat dog existence sure is gettin' old
Got to have a Jones for this

Riccardo Fogli - Melancholy

Imagine a dark period of life without love
In looking for a night made for drink,
And you make all your life as a glass
And you wait for that a daybreak bring you to sleep.

Revolte Springen - More consistent

I don't drive a car, cause they produce dirt
But if I drive one, I fuel old chips fat
I cycle with my home made bike, no matter how far it is
And insult you car drives untill you all fuck off

AC/DC - Dog Eat Dog

Dog eat dog, Dog eat dog
Dog eat dog, Dog eat dog
Dog eat dog, Dog eat dog...

Asin - The Question

Completely swallowed by their power trip
Yet their lips drip of pleasant words
Dog eat dog is all they know
Even if the creator asks way more of them