Down and out

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Meanings of "Down and out"


To be in a very bad way. Emotionally/mentally to be very sad or depressed. This is usually due to bad things that have happened in life. A homeless person without money, or shelter, or food would be 'down and out'.

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Slang expression for being without funds, penniless.

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When you are shit.No matter where :(

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"Abbattuto ed escluso". Essere sul lastrico, oppure senza un tetto sulla testa o destituito. Quando si parla di combattenti o avversari, può indicare che il perdente è stato sconfitto senza possibilità di ripresa o rivalsa.

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"To be down and out" можно заменить русскими идиомами: "Быть на мели" или "Пролететь в трубу"
См. на LT песню " Nobody knows you when you down and out"

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