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A drop in the ocean

Submitted by nefret on 2016-02-05

Idiomatic translations of "A drop in the ocean"

En dråbe i havet
Une goutte d’eau dans la mer
Ein Tropfenauf den heißen Stein
Σταγόνα στον ωκεανό
כְּמַר מִדלִי
טיפה בים
Una goccia nel mare
En dråpe i havet
Капля в море
kap u moru
Una gota de agua en el mar
Denizde bir damla
Крапля в морі

Meanings of "A drop in the ocean"


insignificant effort compared to the situation at hand or problem

Explained by Steve RepaSteve Repa on Mon, 20/06/2016 - 17:14
Explained by Steve RepaSteve Repa

A small amount compared with what is needed in total.

Explained by Moshe KayeMoshe Kaye on Tue, 04/10/2022 - 13:38
Explained by Moshe KayeMoshe Kaye

"A drop in the ocean" in lyrics

Nikos Oikonomopoulos - Two Lives

And wake up together in heaven.
I say: “Live! Our lives
Is just a drop in the ocean.”

Nour Elzein - Memory

Damn this memory
It’s turned me back
Reminds me of my love in the past
Who broken my heart

Tina Karol - Wait out

For happiness may be
The rains with a thunder
Like a drop in the ocean
If only we have roof

Luka Basi - White Rose

White rose, white rose
There will be happiness, god will ensure
That I'll be a drop in the ocean
Your ocean, your ocean

Gena - a water-drop in the ocean

remained a wordless novel
our love
as a water-drop in the ocean
let's say it today

Marshmello - OK Not To Be OK

Feeling like a drop in the ocean
But don't nobody notice
Maybe it’s all just in your head
Feeling like you're trapped in your own skin

Yiannis Ploutarhos - I'm The Only One Who Loves You

I'm the only one who loves you, listen to me, I'm in pain. I can't believe that you've forgotten me

Night has fallen and I'm looking for your hands to fall into them and burn. I'm alive but I don't exist, I'm like a drop in the ocean. You're not here, wind of my life! How can I live? You're not here and how can I defeat my loneliness?

Roland Kaiser - Love can save us

The two of us, we fly off
Though the skies above us are so wide
Just a drop in the ocean
But soon we're gonna be legion

Mike Oldfield - Foreign Affair

On a mystical sea.
A wishful emotion,
A drop in the ocean.
A hush in the air

Madsen - You Write History

Because the heckticness never rests,
you sink into the crowds, (sink as in a boat sinking)
Are you a drop in the ocean?

Shaban & Käptn Peng - Oho

everything hurtled upwards and became gigantic,
I dissolved, became empty and bare,
and understood, my god, I'm the river, not the raft!1

  • 1. There are two interpretations for this that come to my mind. Either the river stands for the whole time of once existence whereas the raft is only the current moment. Or the river is the surrounding world (including it's past and future) of which one is merely a part. The metaphor might be partly inspired from the ubiquitous metaphor of one being like a drop in the ocean.

Sezen Aksu - Like Water*

Years flew away smoothly*
Like a drop in the ocean
I lived, you are witness

Becky G - Next To You

I wish that I could rewind it

Are we a drop in the ocean now
Oh I know that I let you down

Marco Borsato - White light

I am a man made of flesh and blood,
A drop in the ocean,
getting buried by the waves.

Ron Pope - A drop in the ocean

A drop in the ocean
A change in the weather

Kjell Höglund - The Island of the Damned

She's living inside of me, she sleeps in my soul
Like a baby sleeps in its mothers arms
Like an airplane that had landed, like a drop in the ocean
Like a ship that has anchored in a dock

Cezinando - Christopher Robin

There's a flash from a flashlight down by the
And I flash mine
I would really like to have a hand to hold

U2 - Yahweh

The sun is coming up on the ocean
This love is like a drop in the ocean
This love is like a drop in the ocean

Amanda Miguel - Half An Hour

It's impossible that this love between us two
Can fit in half an hour
It cannot be a falling star
That lights up and then suddenly goes away

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (OST) - He Lives in You

Up there
This mountain, you creature
Are a drop in the ocean in the midst of universe

  • 1. Can mean 'liquefy' too. Figuratively, it would mean that we melt all into one.