to a fault

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Meanings of "to a fault"


To a fault is ordinarily used to modify an adjective which describes some desirable or otherwise positive characteristic of a person. Sometimes the expression functions as a strong intensifier, meaning "extremely."

(To an excessive degree; extremely.)
Ex: I am trusting to a fault.

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Aşırı derecede, haddinden fazla anlamında; sıfatı betimlemek için kullanılır.

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"to a fault" in lyrics

Claire Laffut - Truth

A shared desire
Maybe still undeclared
Maybe, still, never revealed
I saw it on tv

Enigma - My Fault

my fault*

my fault* - as in my error or my guilt

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (OST) - Hellfire (Spanish Version)

My fault- no, it´s not! (My fault)
God made it thus (My fault)
if the Devil is too strong for me (My most grievous fault).

I Don't Like Mondays. - It's All Your Fault

It's all your fault

And it's also all your fault
That the sky

MC Kresha - Wind

those are surreal,like you,the fairy from the forest
no apology,after seperation comes tears and they dry
this decision gives me force,to accept the fault
i want to depress the burden,cause my arm felt asleep

Silbermond - Yes

Yes to every day with you,
yes to every fault you have
Ashes and gold, I’ll shoulder it all with you ³

The Oral Cigarettes - Slowly but surely I go on

I always tried to seek a fault
Love is everything, I found
I always tried to seek a fault

Grotesco - The gays' fault

It's the gays' fault

The gays' fault

Orelsan - Tell Me

It starts with a drink and my principles fly away
Let me explain everything to you: the problem is the others
When I try to get in, they push me to the fault

Amazarashi - Philosophy

You yourself have tasted victory, no one has the right
To find fault in that happiness and joy
From here on out, what will save you

Lucie Vagenheim - Lack of boldness

Of course it's your fault.
There will never be a good time
Or maybe it's my fault.
There will never be a good time

La Rue Kétanou - My Fault To You

And this is not your fault

This my fault to you
You who are very beautiful

Igor Kornelyuk - Rain

It's my fault - everyone is saying
It's my fault - my own mistake
I forgot about her and often didn't notice

Duelo - Poison

and they leave a scar almost immediately.

I want to believe it's not your fault,
that's the way you were born, there's no cure,

Ravid Plotnik - Victim

Because of the education system, school, teachers - it's all in vain
This is their fault, this is rift and incitement, this is Satan
These are all these handsome men and beauties

Dashan - My fault

My fault in that split of second.
My fault to start at a broken point.
I'm wrong, whose fault.
What has gone wrong.

Ashnikko - Tantrum

Blood dripping down my nose
Leather jackets, bad habits
And we're revving to a fault
Dark magic, cheer captain, cheer

Dvicio - Perhaps

Perhaps you've tired of me
And I'm not even noticing
Perhaps I've given you everything to a fault
So focused have I been on you

Noo Phước Thịnh - Like the fist moment

Because of you I am like a madman
because of you I am near crazy
because of you I am at fault to dote on you and not fasten onto the hereafter
despite the arduousness

Giorgos Sabanis - Be at fault

And it's at fault the small sky of yours
That it hides the big cliff of yours
Its to fault that the life is an arena
In the fight we weren't one