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get carried away

Submitted by ahmet kadı on 2022-11-29

Idiomatic translations of "get carried away"

pass out
kendinden geçmek

Meanings of "get carried away"


to be overcome by emotion or enthusiasm

Explained by ahmet kadıahmet kadı on Tue, 29/11/2022 - 12:06
Explained by ahmet kadıahmet kadı

Saka tad, kad:

1) kādu ir pārņēmis entuziasms.

2) kāds ir tā aizrāvies, ka vairs nekontrolē savu uzvedību.

Explained by SpiritOfLightSpiritOfLight on Fri, 09/12/2022 - 19:00
Explained by SpiritOfLightSpiritOfLight

"get carried away" in lyrics

Juanpalitoschinos - What you give me

I don’t want to forget

Get carried away, no need to talk about the rest
Let’s get close without seeing what’ll happen, without asking

Bad Bunny - Mia (ft. Drake) [Video Version]

[Pre-Chorus: Bad Bunny]
Because everyone wants to try you (aja)
What they do not know is that you do not get carried away by anyone (no-no-no-no)
And everyone wants to try you (woo)

Aventura - Only for a kiss

And only because of a kiss with her i am happy, only with a little kiss
I get carried away to the infinity and I don’t even know her that well.

Jay Wheeler - If You Want Love

People that leave without giving reasons
If you're ready to love, you can't always trust
Don't get carried away, everything can change

Paradis - When You smile

You watch me get carried away
There’s something that doesn’t work
You see us get carried away
And suddenly you come loose

Bárbara Bandeira - The Two of Us

I'll let myself stay around here if you want
I'll let myself get carried away by what you say

Pablo Alborán - The Party

I don't get used to crying over luck
I'm still the usual naughty one
I get carried away by the desire that I have of loving and losing control

Natti Natasha - Criminal

I see how you get when you look at me
From far away I can tell what thoughts are going through your mind
You tell me that I get carried away
Maybe it’s because you have flow that’s entirely too criminal, baby

Ozuna - Candy

We let ourselves get carried away, you're my bandit and I'm yours
I got to try you again, your lips still taste as sweet as candy
We let ourselves get carried away, you're my bandit and I'm yours

Krzysztof Zalewski - Love Love

Through the open windows
When I'm with You, I breathe
I get carried away for a moment

Aitana - Nothing goes wrong

One more step must be given
Pay attention to the feeling
And like that, we get carried away

BB Brunes - Hand In Glove

Hand in glove 1
That for a male
You never let yourself get carried away

  • 1. "être comme cul et chemise" is a french expression which means literally "being like ass and shirt". It's used for persons who are inseparables, intimately attached.

Ary Fahrenheit - Dangdut Coffee

Because I get carried away by the charm of dangdut coffee's melody

Because I get carried away by the charm of dangdut coffee's melody (2x)

Il Volo - You don´t need to

You don't need to get carried away to glory,
on a bridal dress, just to put up a show.

Nothing But Thieves - Life’s coming in slow

Graffiti on the overpass says there's no escape
This driver job is boring, and my girlfriend's kinda lame
So let's get carried, let's get carried away
Yeah, get me glam, stomp, heavy metal, or radio wave

MYA (Argentina) - 4 Months

Someone, who makes her forget

So much, so much, I let myself get carried away
I ended up kissing her mouth in that bar, if you prefer

Kodaline - Wherever You Are

I'm lost for words

We get carried away in emotion
We get lost in each other's eyes

Sarantis Saleas - Wherever I Go, I Fall In Love

that I can't resist even for a moment
It's not my fault,
that I get carried away often and I fall in love
It's not my fault,

Dani Martín - Emotional

and see that what is is true
and that nothing hides
Not to think and get carried away
and don't name it

Siavash Jalali (Sijal) - Bad Boy

a bad boy might get threatened
a bad boy has pistol in dashboard
a bad boy might get carried away
get mad, get into fights