good riddance

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Idiomatic translations of "good riddance"

bon débarras!
Καλά ξεκουμπίδια ! / Στον αγύριστο να πας !
!ברוך שפטרנו
चलो छुटकारा मिला
خوش بود که رفتی
شرّت کم / هِرّی
Droga wolna
English #1, #2, Russian
Скатертью дорога!

Meanings of "good riddance"

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It means good bye but in an impolite way. when u say "good riddance" to somebody u mean "I am glad to get rid of you (or I'm glad you're leaving) and I don't ever want to see you again."
It is good to be rid (of worthless persons or things).

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خلاص شدن از دست كسي يا چيزي

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"good riddance" in lyrics

Hades (OST) - Good Riddance

They’ve come and gone
And passed me by
Good riddance
To all

Green Day - Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go
So make the best of this test, and don't ask why
It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time

Christina Aguilera - When I feel like it

And if you leave, you leave, you leave, you leave, you leave, you leave,
Well, good riddance to you,
Because in the end, to suffer, to cry

NERIAH - Unfinished Business

We got unfinished business that I wish we could finish
’Cause in my mind you’re always mine
And all three of my wishes is that I could say "Good riddance"
'Cause, God, I tried, but can't say goodbye

DAGames - Get Out

You're in danger
Good riddance
To your behavior


I can’t hide anymore zoomer
Try to hide but I will find you sooner
I find out more and, good riddance
Your made-up fake story, it scares me overdoser man

Soolking - Freedom

It seems that power is bought, freedom, that's all we have left If the scenario is repeated, we will be actors of peace If false, your speeches are so false Yeah, so wrong, we ended up getting used to it But it's over, the glass is full Downstairs they cry, do you hear their voices? The voices of these families full of sorrow The voice that prays for a better destiny Excuse me for existing, excuse my feelings And if I say that I'm happy with you, I'm lying Excuse me for existing, excuse my feelings Give me back my freedom, I ask you nicely Freedom, freedom, freedom It’s first in our hearts Freedom, freedom, freedom We are not afraid They thought we were dead, they said "good riddance" They thought we were afraid of this dark past There is no one left, only photos, lies That thoughts gnawing at us is good, take me there Yes, there is no one there, there is only the people Che Guevara, Matoub, take me there I'm writing this one evening for a new morning Yes, I write to believe, the future is uncertain Yes, I write because we are, we are hand in hand I write because we are the golden generation Freedom, freedom, freedom It’s first in our hearts Freedom, freedom, freedom We are not afraid Free li rahi hostage, free lmerḥouma, kayen khalel f lqada ' Free those who are hostage, us, that's all we have We only have freedom W ḥna homa l'ibtila ', ah ya ḥoukouma, w nnar hadi ma tetfach This is our message, our ultima verba Soolking w Ouled El Bahdja Freedom, freedom, freedom It’s first in our hearts Freedom, freedom, freedom We are not afraid

TWICE - Like Ooh-Ahh

Make me like ooh-ahh ooh-ahh
Fake, fake, an empty-hearted fake
Goodbye and good riddance huh (Like ooh-ahh)
What to do, make me speechless

Karar Zaid - She sacrificed me + it ends here

And so what if she’s left
So what if she’s left
To whomever leaves I say good riddance
Change is always nice after all

Macedonian Folk - Bitola, my hometown

Hey, hometown, who could
Tell you good riddance, and not start to cry?
Bitola, my hometown,

Soolking - Dalida

Words, only words!
My only boss, is my mother
They thought I was dead, they said "good riddance!"
Fortunately, it's God who gives otherwise they'd leave us nothing

Apo & the Apostles - Lina

I knew what happened and what didn’t (I knew everything)
I followed you to the airport
A departure with no return (good riddance)

Eve (Japan) - We're Still Underground

Those days I saw in my dream are proof enough
I'm not just saying it as a joke, but everyone laughed at me
So good riddance to this town!

Usher - Ruin

You ruined me for everybody
You ruined me for everybody, ooh
Bye-bye, good riddance for the last time (Ooh, for the last time)
So you can try, try (Oh), maybe get it right next time (You can get it right)

Amr Diab - We Were Being Fooled

And pretending they are spoiling us
Now they should come and see true happiness
Or let them not come, good riddance
Why would someone who finally found comfort

Linkin Park - Good Goodbye

[Push T]
Goodbye, good riddance
A period is after every sentence

Gracie Abrams - Best

You were there all the time
You're the worst of my crimes
You fell hard, I thought "good riddance"

Francesca Michielin - un bosco

Il cuore pronto ad illudersi
Portami a non pensare sempre
Dentro a un parco che canta "Good Riddance"
Come nel 2012, tempo di viverci

Tamer Hosny - Good Riddance

You know how I am
Sorry, but good riddance
This is about dignity

Garou - Hot air, Words

Garou: Come on let's start over
I'm sailing off
Charlotte: So long (good riddance) sailor