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High ground

Submitted by Icey on 2018-02-11
  • Idiom: High ground
  • Language: English
  • Idiomatic translations / equivalents: Italian
  • Explained meaning: English
  • Lyrics containing the idiom: 88 lyrics

Idiomatic translations of "High ground"

Una spanna più in alto
Una spanna sopra
Un gradino più in alto

Meanings of "High ground"


Figuratively, a position of superiority in a debate. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

Explained by IceyIcey on Sun, 11/02/2018 - 18:58
Explained by IceyIcey

"High ground" in lyrics

Daboor - Inn Ann

got my homies in Jalameh
we get together we beat you up
come at us bro we took the high ground
you scared at night, we light some darkness

Joey Valence - Punk Tactics

I was born with the brains and the brawn
I am the king and you’re just a pawn
Who’s got the high ground now, Obi-Wan?
Alphabet rhymes like chicken noodle soup

Marco Mengoni - Warrior

I will give you certainties against the fears
To see the world over the high ground
Don't afraid of anything, I will be by your side

The Untamed (OST) - Goodbye Filled With Hatred

Waves surging, thunder roaring, Sandu brandishing, Zidian swinging
Watching from the high ground, the happenings of the world seemed even more complex
Even a thousand people of the mortal world cannot be of greater importance than me

Runrig - The Ocean's Circle

All of us are on an ocean steering a circuit through our lives,
sailing a dark boat lost in the sea's grip.
The wind is on our backs and the boat is keeping ahead
and for us neither time nor the ocean will make any sense at all.

WayV - City of Heaven (Moonwalk)

Moonwalkin', moonwalkin'
Extending from the high ground to the earth
The bystanders of my city rush in

Chrysanthos Theodoridis - The Guineas

In a deserted gulch, in a woe-trail,1
I've lost a kerchief with a hundred (gold) guineas,
I've searched the ground high and low, I've crossed myself
praying to find'em before nightfall

  • 1. Not really a dictionary word but sounds like "wolf trail", probably a creative pun

Sleeping Pulse - War

Waging our war has give me something pure to believe in
From my moral high ground I'm up here looking down at the parasites snapping at the air
And i guess I'm still somewhat confused

Alexa Feser - First Class

Being happy with it all (first class)
Brawling all your favorite songs
Watching the city with you from high ground (first class)
Not sleeping but still be looking good

Rasmussen - Higher Ground

Make your mark and leave it hanging there
Be the first to turn around
Take the leap to land on higher ground
Taka stökk til hærri jörð


It's kinda in the nature yo, aren't expresions
(taken) from writings
And i give on purpose life to them oppinions
from their heads with these

Nikolai Jincharadze - Sapphire Palace

Back? But there is no way to return, -
There is only death, defeat and decay …
Where to now? Dead end, high ground
And jumping off the frisky steed,

Íva Marín Adrichem - See with the eyes

Good and evil exist on earth,
all that causes you grief.
My eyes behold the world from high ground,
truth shines through lies.

NerdOut! - The Fortnite Rap Battle

Pull out the blueprints, got the world in my pocket, quad wall, throwin' up a ramp, then I cock it.
You got an RPG, shooting rockets, gonna make you down yourself, when I block it.
Now watch it, fallin' to your death, out of my place, got the high ground, now I'm shootin' from a skybase.
Keep it going up, mats triple 9 mate, bye mate, wish that you could see the look on my face.

Bleach (OST) - Asterisk

A black and white photo of the entire sky, a rumbling muffler - white breath
Just wanna get a little closer, I'll race to the high ground up there
Taking out my huge telescope, out of the lens came stardust

Rafał Brzozowski - The Ride

Lights, beating down a rainy street
All the faces that I meet tell me I'm wrong
Bright, staring at the neon signs
Making up a storyline, gotta hold on

Itō Kashitarō - The Nighthawk's Star

It will forever burn with pale light, anywhere you be, the wish of the nighthawk
It continues to shine on the high ground. It is shining

Epic Rap Battles of History - Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker

I flow like butterbeer on Diagon streets
You can find me getting fantastic on these beats
It's over Luke! I got the high ground advantage
I'll close it like a map: Mischief Managed!

Björn Afzelius - The bird in my heart

When you see me
when I am in your eyes
when you see that I exist
when you hear me

Bob Dylan - Black Rider

Black rider, black rider, you've been living too hard
Been up all night, have to stay on your guard
The path that you're walking, too narrow to walk
Every step of the way, another stumbling block