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holy moly

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Idiomatic translations of "holy moly"

I'll be a monkey's uncle!
Det var som pokker
Du (store) verden
елки моталки
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Meanings of "holy moly"


An exclamation of surprise, shock;

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Pārsteiguma izsauciens.

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Vay canına!

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"holy moly" in lyrics

Edith Whiskers - Home

Alabama, Arkansas, I do love my Ma and Pa
Not the way that I do love you
Well, holy moly, me oh my, you're the apple of my eye
Girl, I've never loved one like you

Tom Rosenthal - Home

Not the way that I do love you

Holy moly me, oh my
You're the apple of my eye

Chase Atlantic - OUT THE ROOF

Yeah, we stay lit (We stay lit)
We fuck bitches, pop on pillies, that is it, yeah (We stay lit)
Holy moly, holy shit, yeah (Holy shit)
Me and all my people heaven sent, yeah, yup

Beetlejuice The Musical - That Beautiful Sound

Ugh, holy moly, a lot of people come to this house, lights!

Soul Control - Schokolade (Schoko Schoko)

Mama sie sagt Roly Poly
Papa er sagt Holy Moly
Alle wollen Schokolade - A Schoko Schoko!

Soul Control - Chocolate (Choco Choco)

Mama she says Roly Poly
Papa he says Holy Moly
Everybody wanna chocolate - A choco choco!

Radwimps - live coverage

My my, oh no,
holy moly
Look how far they've come, a million years of dumbness

Jerry Heil - Vegan

Easy breezy lemon squeezy
Holy moly guacamole
and what about gym? What ‘bout big butts?

BTOB - Dance with me

Uh, excuse me, knock before you open the door slowly
I can feel the loud sound of my heart, holy moly
Especially today, prepared something a more stimulating gift

Quavo - Big Stunna

I'm gon' pop it, like a fucking bottle of champagne, nigga, call the rocket, we gon' Takeoff on the fuckin' stage, nigga.

Platinum rollie, guacamole, holy moly.
Coupe so fast, hocus pocus, make a nigga lose focus.

BTOB - 춤 (Dance with me)

Excuse me 문 열기 전에 노크해 Slowly
커지는 심장 소리를 느껴 Holy moly
특별히 오늘은 조금 더 자극적인 선물을 준비해

DUCKWRTH - Kiss U Right Now

There ain't even any scripts, man, they two is a trip
That's some holy matrimony how we joining our lips
Holy moly, the one and only to grip on your hips
Fingers traveling down yo chest and exposing your nips

AJR - Adventure Is Out There

Holy moly, it's a real do-nothing day
I could change address and

Zupfgeigenhansel - Holy Moly

Holy moly, now we all right well see
How some are despising the peasant's pedigree

OH MY GIRL - Twilight Queendom ver.

I know something
I have to find you to end this game
Game Ew- holy moly
No way way wait

Luis Fonsi - She's Bingo

Oh Oh, I just wanna go, tell her that I found my BI BI NGO

Holy moly, the world is moving slowly
You’re the number that completes a bingo, bingo, bingo for me

Brown Eyed Girls - Hot Shot

I'm so bad tonight- what to do, holy moly
What do I do about myself, holy moly
Don't think about anything else


불편해 우리 자세가
But I'm fine 내게 기댄 너의 무게가 좋아
Love it holy moly 너에게 홀릭
매직아이처럼 몰림 도망가자 멀리

CHANMINA - Holy Moly Holy Night

What a wondеrful day yeah yea yeah
ラッキー? (ラッキー?) マジック? (マジック?)
Holy moly holy night