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home time

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Idiomatic translations of "home time"

call it a day
Feierabend! oder: Schluss für heute!
اینم از امروز

Meanings of "home time"


The time at which school or work finishes and one goes home.

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Explained by robert.tucker.794robert.tucker.794

"home time" in lyrics

Firelake - Live to Forget

Digging through the moments,
in a thousand years
we melt down to dust
of our hopes,

Sektor Gaza - Time to go Home

In the evenings sadness finds us sometimes, sometimes
The Heart aches, and just wants to go home, go home

Wind is blowing over the barracks

Rivermaya - Looking For You

In school, in flag ceremony
Up to home time daily
I look for you

Guitarricadelafuente - ABC

They sing in other alphabets
But we can dance
Welcome home, time doesn"t stand still

nublu - For Oksana

But it is life, it is karma
hello Narva1 town
I'll fly to you, three more hours
and there we will be together only you and me

  • 1. the easternmost town in Estonia, on the border of Estonia and Russia

Volbeat - The Garden's Tale

Time keeps painting my darling
Ripped all the flowers in the garden
Oh baby come home, you angels bring her home

Dan Balan - Home

Just like wings have fun somewhere under the New Moon
I wander freely around the world
And stars draw my nature - eternity
And I'd like to get into my sweet dream like smoke

Arctic Monkeys - Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?

The mirror's image,
It tells me it's home time,
But I'm not finished,

GOT7 - My Home

When I go into my unlit room all lonely
I take my shoes off and the door rings
It sounds like you calling out to me
I’m automatically completely disarmed

LOBODA - It's Time To Go Home

Days flew by, weeks flew by
Just let me go until we burn to ashes
And we will be up till the morning light
What will happen? - it doesn't matter

Wolfgramm Sisters - Love at Home

Time doth softly, sweetly glide
When there's love at home.

There is beauty all around

Charlie Zhou - Rubia

Life blooms like a flower
Far away or by the road
Waiting for the one
To find the way back home

Rainbow - Stargazer

High noon, oh I'd sell my soul for water
Nine years worth of breakin' my back
There's no sun in the shadow of the wizard
See how he glides, why he's lighter than air?

Antoine - Wages are in

for a fairy with all my heart
I say, fill my bank account with lovely things
And she just says.. heh - It's 5:00 PM, dude, it's home - time. (hh - hh)
And then it happens, something no one imagined

Atlantida Project - Nothing new

Noize MC:
I never leave my home
for ten years nowhere.
Kitchen, corridor, sitting-room and pantry,

Fonseca - When I Get Home

Today I learnt from life
to treasure the morning,
with a cup of coffee in one hand
and the view from my window.

Bebe - It will teach me

the air one breaths
it smells of wet dirt
my dog sleeps at my feet
he takes care of my home

Маша Шейх - My Homeland

Deep at the bottom dark waters are there,
This time you quickly understand who you are,
You fly high, words don't suffice
Emotions and feelings are bolted shut.

Kim Hyun Joong - Let's party

Wanna carry you home

Oh my god, who are you?
Tonight, I will have you

MORGENSHTERN - Green-eyed girls!

Why are you here, and why are you my hoe?
Yeah, you're a sweet guy, you look like a kitten
Take him home, time to get to the bunk
Raise the beat's volume, let's dance