I double dare you

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Meanings of "I double dare you"


Призыв к некоторому экстравагантному и смелому поступку, типа "а тебе слабО".

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"I double dare you" in lyrics

SB19 - Bazinga

Every day, I think the load gets heavy
Throw it away, the world unloads hostility
Is there away to break the curse and stop this now?
I'm going home, then I'll cry alone

Children of Bodom - In Your Face


Say one more word, i double-dare you, bring it on
It's my world your in, it'll take you down in a minute

Waterparks - Stupid For You

Hey, tell me what you want me to say
You know I'm stupid for you
Hey, can you come-a come out and play?
You know I'm stupid for you

Rihanna - Numb

In the air, I don't care
Can't tell me nothing
I'm impaired, the worst to wear

Younger Hunger - YUNG

Romaine lettuce
And poisonous things
Almost as bad as the shooter down the street
I'll take the wrong pill

The Pink Slips - Texas

I'm on the, I'm on the the death star
In my true heart I wanna, wanna fast car
He a lonestar
A rebel rebel

Chris Brown - Roses Turn Blue

[Verse 1]
Girl I double dare you, to keep it all the way 100 with me if I'm your man
I'm not gon' lie, I'm scared too, I know you got something to tell me cause you're fucking up your speech

Katharine McPhee - Only One (Acoustic Version)

I don't need a part-time love
Don't wanna share you
Boy, I double dare you
Tell me I'm the only one

Childish Gambino - I. crawl

Nah, nah, they can't hold me
June, July—drop something
I double dare you, I'm Marc Summers
I scorch winters, I burn autumns


Buck it yeah I said it 못 볼 거라도 본 듯이
찌푸리는 미간, ain't got time for this
음, I dare you double dare you
아, 됐구 맘 가는 대로 I will make you like (Wooooo)

Chairlift - Ch-Ching

Getting what you want can be dangerous
But that's the only way I want it to be
I double dare you to keep a secret
And pass it back under the table to me

Nicki Minaj - Roman İn Moscow

[Roman Zolanski , Verse 1]

I'm big wheeley no bike gear
I told you bitches last year

Chely Wright - Like Me

Without your glasses you just plain can't see
Your favorite color for the most part is green
You're close to your grandma on your mother's side
You can count up on one hand the times you have lied

Adam Gregory - Don't Send The Invitation

Give me a cold one, I'm gonna drink it
Bait my hook, I'm gonna sink it
You double dare me, I'll always take it
Ask me to dance, I'll sure 'nough shake it

Annihilator - Double Dare

I dare you to get closer, I dare you to cross my line
I dare you to be different, come on and give it a try
I double dare you to try

Tatiana Eva-Marie - I Double Dare You

And if that look in your eyes means what I'm thinkin' of
I double dare you to fall in love with me
I double dare you ...