It's not over yet

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Meanings of "It's not over yet"


لم ينتهي بعد

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Meaning there's still hope for something.

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"It's not over yet" in lyrics

Teni (Nigeria) - Let's Rejoice

But God had other plans
They thought it was over,
But God said it’s not over yet!
Children's are one's clothing in this life

Vitaa - My sister

like if that was the normal thing to do,
you thought I would turn the page just like that,
but it’s not over yet, I still feel rage in me,

Neyna Rocha - My Man

And we will keep going until it works
It's not over yet
And we will keep going until it works

Glasperlenspiel - Never Forget

Not over yet,
maybe it isn't over yet.
I wish it was not over yet,
our beautiful time.

Karik - Goodbye! Babe "Can Play, Can Endure"

Our past isn't inherently beautiful, it's not easy to hide, don't let me do it myself
It's really hard to have fun again, is something wrong?what are you waiting for, it's not over yet! Let's end with...

INFINITE - Nothing's Over

But not like this (not like this) I can’t end it
You can’t meet another guy, you can’t already
It’s not over yet (not over yet)
To me, it’s only you

Memphis May Fire - Not Over Yet

In the middle of the storm
Raise your fist and scream
"it's not over yet"!

Xdinary Heroes - Checkmate

When you think the game is done
It's not over yet
I'll make the end

Dustbox - Not Over

Cuz that would be the end of me
If you still have hopes and dreams in your heart
It's not over yet
Look out

Brunori Sas - Song against fear

Songs that save your life
that make you say hell no,
it's not over yet
that give you the strength to start over

Kate Nova - Lone Wolf

Remember the snow of our magic night
Remember me, at least in pieces
We're done with it but it's not over yet
Remember me, Lone Wolf

Yoga Lin - Over,

It's not over yet,
It's not over yet,

The Band Perry - Comeback Kid

Cause I'm a comeback, I'm a comeback kid
Down for a minute; I'll get up again
Looks like I'm breaking, but it's just a bend; it's not over yet
Cause in the end

Mine - Good opponent

I will see through all of your tricks
The game is drawn
But it's not over yet
And as long as I can breathe


Making the sound of tomorrows to come,
Make your day. And it’s not over yet.
Destiny of soul!

Lidija Bačić - It just started

I know even today you would do everything for me
When I see you my body still trembles
It's not over yet it just started

MOMOLAND - Ready Or Not

It’s not over till it’s over (alright)
Let’s start again, it’s not over yet (it’s not over)


I've done nothing in this life
And then I'll just die (such a fool!)
It's not over yet
Show me now!

Rita (Israel) - Frantic Dance

I want to dance in this frantic dance
Blood within me is boiling
It is not over yet
I want you to invite me for just one more dance

Milck - This Is Not The End

'Til my dying breath
It's not the end (this is not the end)
It's not over yet
I will fight for it (this is not the end)