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From the jump

Submitted by 𝐋𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐰 on 2022-12-06

Meanings of "From the jump"


Başından beri, en başından.

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"From the jump" in lyrics

4Minute - Hot Issue

Stop! Yo~ Let me show you something
Girls~ you ready? haha let`s go
M I N U T ,E 4
M I N U T ,E 4

Eve (Japan) - Bubble feat Uta

Drawing the true colors
of a papier mache airplane in my heart.
Rebellious feeling of memories.
To begin tomorrow in a rightful way.

Ivo Dimchev - Overrated

I’ll build a wall between your heart and mine,
Cause it’s over it’s overrated his love.
All memories I’ll turn them to stones,
Cause I need them to build my wall,

Myra Granberg - Lose My Mind

[Verse 1]
I'm a pro at dark days
So fucking safe in my dirt and dust
It may sound like I always complain

Drake - Started From The Bottom

Started from the bottom now the whole team fucking here

I done kept it real from the jump
Living at my mama's house we'd argue every mornin'

Kehlani - Good Life

And it's a feeling that I can't explain
How you make it and your team stay the same
Stay down from the jump and they never change
Man, this a moment I could never trade, yeah

Drake - In My Feelings

And when I take you shopping you spend it like you earned it
And when you popped off on your ex he deserved it
I thought you were the one from the jump, that confirmed it

ssshhhiiittt! - Sea

Hello, I know that you feel me
Your blue waves are infinite, and I
am going to end someday but while I'm with you

Unheilig - Backwards To One

Three, two, one, go
I already believed it as a child,
And I spread out my wings
I wanted to defeat gravity

Cassa Loco - The Eternally Fascinating Romania

I wake up in the morning, I drink a cup of coffee
My wife made it for me how I like it, she's so sweet
Walking quickly towards the bathroom, the fragrance surrounds me
I wash my face with the dew of roses

Apulanta - Morphine

You have shadows and silence, you have long night
You have chaos and insecurity, witch will eat your soul
World is a hungry vampire, as we know
And creeping twilights whispers predicts terrors

Erin - On one Sunday

[Verse 1]
This would have been fine just like this
But we fell for each other
We're not completely sober

Kaizers Orchestra - Last Dance

You must turn on your charm
Jump down from the windowsill
And dance with me on your way
Hold on to my arm when a devil dances slowly

Ella Mai - Boo’d Up

You got me boo'd up, boo'd up
Told you from the jump I'm the one to choose
Got me boo'd up, boo'd up

Marteria - The money must go

Money, money, money!
Money, money, money!

Dmitry Bykov - If someone asked me

If someone asked, and I was to tell
The way higher powers manifest themselves
Shivers in spine, goosebumps on the neck
Weakness in arms, legs that don’t go.

L'one - Ocean

We just woke up one morning and everything changed
My cosmos is so close, at a distance of an embrace
I can not even imagine what you dreamed about
But I clearly remember how I took that dress off you

Mr. Rain - Air

Making war to make peace
It's a stupid game, it hurts, but deep down, you know, I like it a little
We are two opposite people if you think about it
But we are so the same when we scream that we are different

Masked Wolf - Astronaut In The Ocean (Remix)

And never gon' change up
And i never gon' show no fake love
Stayed ten toes down from the jump till i came up, bitch

KANG DANIEL - Ready to ride

Start this thing from the jump
지루한 장면들 안에서
뭔가 다른 계획을 세워 (Have some fun!)
Let em know