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A la porta, megghiu sbirri ca parrini

Submitted by Qaqqu on 2021-10-23

Meanings of "A la porta, megghiu ..."


IPA: /a la ˈpɔːɾta ˈmɛɟɟʊ ʒˈbiʐʐɪ ka paʐˈʐiːnɪ/

Literally: At the door, it is better to be visited by the police than by the priests

In certain situations, a drastic consequence is better (such as being visited by the police, and therefore arrested) than an irremediable one (such as being visited by a priest, who comes for extreme unction)

Explained by QaqquQaqqu on Tue, 27/09/2022 - 02:13
Explained by QaqquQaqqu

IPA: /a la ˈpɔːɾta ˈmɛɟɟʊ ʒˈbiʐʐɪ ka paʐˈʐiːnɪ/

Letteralmente: Alla porta, meglio ricevere visita dai poliziotti che dai preti

In certe situazioni è meglio una conseguenza drastica (come l'essere visitati dalla polizia, e dunque arrestati) che una irrimediabile (come l'essere visitati da un prete, che giunge per l'estrema unzione)

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Explained by QaqquQaqqu