Long face

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Idiomatic translations of "Long face"

have a long face
Tirer une tête de six pieds de long
με τα μούτρα μέχρι το πάτωμα
Savanyú képet vág
Muso lungo
вытянутая физиономия
Suratı beş karış olmak

Meanings of "Long face"


An unhappy or disappointed expression. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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Explained by IceyIcey

"Long face" in lyrics

Tanju Okan - You're Like a Daisy, White and Slim

I know but you love me too
I get it, you are flirtatiously trying to be far away from me
Why is the long face
Or tell me straight don't you love me even a little

G-DRAGON - Crooked

I'm gonna wear heavy eyeliner and use a spray fully.
And I wear leather pants and jackets with a long face.
I'm gonna act perverse hiding my hurt.

Bosse - All of It Is Now

All of it is, all of it is now
Life is short
Too short to pull a long face

Charles Aznavour - You let yourself go

Funny, you're so funny to look at
You're there you wait you make a long face
And I feel like laughing

Hans Philip - Daydream [1]

Lost behind a snowstorm, split in two
Beating heart, when will you grow?
Got a long face, but still not enough for me to give up
For me to lose blood, yes, yes, yes, yes

Eros Ramazzotti - Song for her

I would never want to see
You wearing a long face
It's late, you already have to come back

Nazan Öncel - where r u going

shed in tears
i wanna just cry
i pull a long face
we need to speak

Paul Verlaine - Le pauvre jeune berger

With her eyes, so lovely.
She is so delicate,
Her long face, so pallid.
Oh! How much I love Kate !

NCT 127 - Long Slow Distance

Hah uh
Hoo, oh yeah


MC Solaar - Inch'Allah (If God Wishes It So)

Everythings begins at the airport,
Reception of girl who wanted a change of scenery
At first he was showing a long face,
But he got all excited when he glanced at her body

Chisato Moritaka - New season

To the everyday station

I'm leaning with a long face
Being reflected leaning across the glass, I hope I forgot you

T. S. Eliot - The Waste Land

You ought to be ashamed, I said, to look so antique.
(And her only thirty-one.)
I can't help it, she said, pulling a long face,
It's them pills I took, to bring it off, she said.

Birthe Kjær - We'll Paint The City Red

You're having a long face, do you think everything is grey with grey on it?
Well, I know how it is, that's a given, you know that
But forget that for a moment, let it disappear in the blue
Catch your own palette, 'cause now we'll put on the colours

Mashrou’ Leila - The Home land

They Taught you the national Anthem and said it's for the good of the country ( your home land )
they Numbed you in your veins , saying your that your sedation is Useful for the Country ( your home land)
They informed you to stop frowning, and dance to the tune, why the long face, dance with me a little
They encouraged you," Come and let's Dance a little"

Đorđe Balašević - Hey, Friend

Hey, friend, do you ever run into her?
Does she smile or does she make a long face? Stops or hurries?
Or she passes.... as if you're not there? That would be in her style the most...

Estrella Morente - Air Street

Tip! Tip! neighbor
because I bring a long face larger than a street corner

George Coșbuc - Three, Mighty God, All Three !

He had three sons and they, all three,
When called, for the encampment left;
So the poor father was bereft
Of rest and peace, for war, thought he.

Lee Fields & The Expressions - Wish You Were Here

You never miss your wealth, till your well went dry
Seem like only yesterday, you were here smiling
Now you gone away, but I know you in a better place
No traces of you, what can I do?

Red - Let It Burn

I watch the city burn
These dreams like ashes float away
Your voice I never heard
Only silence

Skyforger - Prussian Maid Rides To The War

The Prussian maid rode to the war
In place of her brother

Goodbye father, mother