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not a big deal

Submitted by piliburuk on 2017-12-23

Idiomatic translations of "not a big deal"

זה לא ביג דיל

Meanings of "not a big deal"


abartılacak bir şey değil

Explained by piliburukpiliburuk on Sat, 23/12/2017 - 14:47
Explained by piliburukpiliburuk

"not a big deal" in lyrics

Çukur (OST) - Bury me in the Pit.

If the enemy stabs his dagger, I have my friends; it’s not death for me.

We run to death, not a big deal.
We are in the Pit, bro, don’t you yield.

Omer Adam - Bucharest

Talked with the Marriot - everything is ticketed*
On our way to Romania, excitement is the only thing i feel
And if you're mad at me, it's not a big deal
He is not a friend, he's my brother, so I have no choice

ACANE (ZUTOMAYO) - Can't Be Right

That we reached thanks to a lie

It's not a big deal, it's not useless
Just like seeing new things makes your mind broader

Lee Sun Hee - Anbu

Push it out of the circle.
Put your mind at rest
It's not a big deal
Don't hold it in.

Hoorosh Band - You Made Me Fall in Love

You made me fall in love, you did bad to my heart
Oh, not a big deal, you control the state of my abandoned heart
What did you do? You made a fire at your feet

3RACHA - Runner's High

Oh man like 'tripal x', CB's too hot
The marathon I've been running all this time heats me up
It's not a big deal now
Because I'm on that Runner's High

Eminem - You Don't Know

I got my grimy Shady with me, you front, you'll have to get me
Off yo' ass, I pay the lawsuit and laugh
Haha! It's not a big deal, it's nothin' but some cash
Let's go!

Assala Nasri - The Memory Columns

It's okay, not a big deal
Let's not make it out to be a drama
You won't matter for a thing to me
You won't even leave a mark

Céline Dion - One more evening

I never asked for anything, that is not a big deal,
Come on, compared to eternity, it will be unnoticed

adLiN - Rented Feelings

Profiting from these feelings, your acting is the key

It won't always hurt you, it's not a big deal
It doesn't matter how big your wound is, it will heal

Edo Maajka - Phantoms

I'm already next to the base, I can hear the aggregates
That's where I'm going to take a piss and leave my tag
That's not a big deal, c'mon NATO, sue me
C'mon, sue me because I'm drunk, I don't care

Eddy de Pretto - Serious

It's not a big deal if your second time reveal your dark side
It's not a big deal if your 100th time still wasn't fertile
It's really not a big deal even if you get insulted in your grave

Samira Said - Aal Eih

oh my soul where you even?
if you forget the past ,i can remind you of it
and generally ,it's ok it's not a big deal
i'll throw all of that behind me, it's over

Trailerpark - Wrong Band

If this doesn't sound funny to you
A beautiful woman is not a beautiful woman unless she drinks piss
Your birthday, no one congratulates you, it's not a big deal
Because in the end, it's just your father jumping out of a box

Claudio Baglioni - Beautiful love

So you will go away, I understood you know
It's not a big deal if you go away
It seems I can't survive anymore without you

Franco126 - What sense is there

So I'm leaving with my jacket thrown over my shoulder
I turn the corner and in an instant it's already dawn
And it's not a big deal
If I don't know anything about you

Kowalsky meg a Vega - Through a World

I've never wanted to toe this line and I won't,
Although I'm not a saint,
But sometimes we make mistakes, it's not a big deal.
I won't beguile your heart,

Pidżama Porno - Pimples

I choose life

For you, death is not a big deal
Life is a toy

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - Not Today

But still part of this world.
extra + ordinary
Even that’s not a big deal
Never die, not today

Mako Ishino - Julie's Your Rival

...your golden pendant is swaying
You flick Julie's (*a male singer) poster...
...and said "he's not a big deal" while turning around
Julie's your rival and you'll "shoot" him down