In for a penny, in for a pound

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Idiomatic translations of "In for a penny, in for a ..."

life and limb
Quand le vin est tiré, il faut le boire
Wenn schon, denn schon
Kopf und Kragen
אם כבר, אז כבר
Шешінген судан тайынбас
Назвался груздем, полезай в кузов
De perdidos al río
Jugarse el todo por el todo
Spanish #1, #2

Meanings of "In for a penny, in for a ..."


If you participate even slightly in something, you are fully involved in the consequences.

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Explained by HramkoHramko

If you're going to take a risk at all, you might as well make it a big risk

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"In for a penny, in ..." in lyrics

Kendi - Oh oh


In for a penny in for a pound,
Wheel of fortune is turning back around,

Mekado - We're Going to Throw a Party

So let's shake it, take it, make it all right
Again and again, on and on, 'cause today is today
In for a penny, in for a pound, it's going to be a long night

Arabesque - In for a penny, in for a pound

Be careful, boy,
I'm not your toy!
But if you play it right,
We'll have lots of joy.

Metal Church - Needle and Suture

I can see the future
A needle and a suture
A deeper wound will long be healing
For on the ground you will be kneeling

Slade - In for a Penny

Do you remember the night in September
The two of us laid in the hay?
Do you remember the day in December
And how we got carried away?

Letzte Instanz - The latest craze*

You believe every lie, surround yourself with scammers
You take your interests from their false pusses1
And that has its price, in for a penny, in for a pound2
They demand the herd instinct, loyalty and obedience

  • 1. Slang for "face" or "mouth". "Mug" is an alternative.
  • 2. Or the other idiom "cling together, swing together"

Iztok Mlakar - Beast

Porcaputana1 what are people like,
They don't give a damn that you have principles
In for a penny, in for a pound
I don't care anymore, today the man has again turned into

  • 1. Italian swearword

Running Wild - Jenning's Revenge

During their escape they happened to spy
A gorgeous spanish merchant ship
'In for a penny, in for a pound'
They got them in their steely grip