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plot twist

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Idiomatic translations of "plot twist"

обрат на сюжета
Ters köşe yapmak.

Meanings of "plot twist"


Isang kaganapan na nakaapekto sa isang pangyayari o kuwento sa di inaasahang pamamaraan.

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поворот сюжета

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Сюжетный поворот: неожиданное происшествие, откровение.

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film veya kitaptaki ters köşe, sürpriz son

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Explained by piliburukpiliburuk

"plot twist" in lyrics

MONSTA X - Love Killa

Imma slay, imma chill, imma kill

From now on it's a plot twist
Pull the trigger ya, pull it pull it

Billie Bust Up (OST) - I've Had Enough of You

What's wrong my petite chère? Why don't you smile!

The final act is sure to be a theatrical plot twist worthy of a prize
Want a shot? You better be more tactical

WayV - Romantic Fermentation (Up From Here)

The heart beat starts speeding up really fast
Just before the next plot twist,
When the relationship between us starts to change.

SF9 - One Love

A world that became different, I don’t want to change it
Monotone love
I don’t give in to a sixth sense-level of a plot twist

Annalisa - Sparks

Straight to the stomach
You, like a plot twist
It slides, it slides

VOLA - Αυτά Τα Μαύρα Νύχια

Όπως κι αν στρίβει ο δρόμος, μην καταλήξεις να πισωγυρίσεις
Μαύρα πουλιά κόβουν κύκλους πάνω από λάσπη καφετιά αναζητώντας τα μεγάλα σκουλήκια
Των εφιαλτών μου η ονειροπαγίδα κρέμεται ψηλά κι ενώ ελίσσεται γυρνά1
(Οι) Πόλεις βγάζουν έναν άσχημο καπνό

  • 1. Εικάζω πως εδώ γίνεται έμμεση αναφορά στην αγγλική έκφραση "plot twist". Όπως γυρνά μια ονειροπαγίδα, έτσι τα πάντα μπορεί να αλλάξουν μέσα σε μια στιγμή και οι χειρότεροι εφιάλτες να γίνουν πραγματικότητα. Κατ' επέκταση, θεωρώ πως ο στίχος αναφέρεται στην έλλειψη σταθερότητας και ουσιαστικού ελέγχου - στοιχεία τα οποία συχνά χαρακτηρίζουν την ζωή των εθισμένων ατόμων.

Dj Wegun - Twist The Plot

[Verse 1: Kim Ximya]
Aim for the highest
I been a trouble a riot
Fight it till I make you quiet, huh

Tiziano Ferro - Like a Man Would

And we run, we run
and in the meantime, we run even if we don't want to.
And I'll come up with a plot twist
like when we were all together in Madrid.

Erika Vikman - Pizza

But it's already two after midnight

There's a plot twist in the movie
They get caught by the woman's friend

RuPaul - Phenomenon (Cast Version)

[Verse 2: Joey Jay]
I'm a gay ass bitch, I'm Joey Jay
Filler queen, plot twist, I came to slay
Taking 'em out, protocol

william - Copycat

Shoutout when mom gave birth to a goat
So what if I spend my money
Plot twist for you, I can't spend them when I'm dead
These guys are trying to sit down at a table that has already been set up [for dining]

Anelia - I want to drink

Who hasn't she slept with!
If you ask them, they won't admit
What's her name? Loneliness 1

  • 1. The revelation that she's actually talking about Loneliness, and not about a woman, serves as a plot twist in the lyrics. The word самота (loneliness) is a feminine noun in Bulgarian. That's why the metaphor works. However, since English nouns are neutral it wouldn't have worked so I decided to keep the pronouns 'she, her,' instead of replacing them with 'it.'

Au/Ra - Medicine

Strawberry syrup too easy to swallow
But what did I know?
Plot twist twistin' my heart ’til it's hollow
Band-Aids for all my scraped knees

CupcakKe - Navel

Take off her head like a discount shoppin'
Come to the block, don't put me on no block list
With his dread head schemin', that's a motherfuckin' plot twist

$uicideboy$ - Low Key

Woke up dope sick with a cut wrist
Lil' bad bitch saying, "here's a plot twist"
When you cut it, you weren't even a little pissed

Slavi Trifonov - No Mercy

And it looks like no one knows why that's happening
I watch old movies, I listen to old songs
Isn't it time for a plot twist?
I better go to bed because it's almost time to get up

Stray Kids - Teias de aranha (VENOM|VENENO)

Quanto mais eu me mexo, mais eu fico preso
O maior plot twist é que a sua aparência é a armadilha
Veneno pronto, você o injeta em mim

Mike Shinoda - Open Door

Some way we didn’t see before
Some way to get out of here
Plot twist that we didn’t see coming

Yeboyah - The one

It's suitable for me when it's deep
When shit happens I think
This'll be a great plot twist for my story

Blixemi - Walk Without The Stars

What about my destiny conceived in secrecy?
You never seemed to find a second ‘til your legend had been threatened by me
What a plot twist, when it’s sis’ versus sis’
If you’d only paused a moment possibly you’d have seen this!