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To put on a show

Submitted by Blanche Vachon on 2021-06-07

Idiomatic translations of "To put on a show"

Sortir le grand jeu

Meanings of "To put on a show"


When you take big gestures to impress someone.

Explained by Blanche VachonBlanche Vachon on Mon, 07/06/2021 - 11:25
Explained by Blanche VachonBlanche Vachon

"To put on a show" in lyrics

Rauw Alejandro - Tattoo (Remix)

[Intro: Rauw Alejandro]
This is the remix
And I brought Camilo

Isabelle Adjani - Navy Sweater

I touched the bottom of the pool
In the little navy sweater
All torn at the elbows
Which I did not want to mend

Eddy Kim - 2 Years Apart

I can't stand it
I want to get discharged and date you
I try to get you to fall for me during every break
Please wait for me

Orelsan - Dream better

You're lucky to be so right-minded, I'm full of hate
In truth I'm waiting for you to cancel me
Your tolerance is just another way to put on a show
Witch hunters, looking for a dirty buzz

Emery - 「Stronger Than You」【Bill Cipher/Gravity Falls Parody】

The world you know
Thought you could save them, thought you be their hero
Time to put on a show
It's over now, we both know

Carla's Dreams - Stardust

Go, punk, go!
Even if it's five against three,
They don't give us good years, they give us hard years.
Go, punk, go!

Aviators - Our Little Horror Story

A voice calls
A cry in the dark
Telling me to crawl to the light
But I won't

Blind Channel - This Side Of Me

And we're shouting to ya

No need to put on a show
I know when it's my time to go

Ellie Goulding - Love I'm Given

I know I did wrong
I used to think that I was so invincible
I tore myself to pieces, had to put on a show
You put me back together

Bring it On (Musical) - It’s All Happening

We gonna gather up every good girl we know
We'll get vertical ‘til we get vertigo
Let's show these hoes how to put on a show!

Vojko V - The Mamić brothers

The assistant referee will rule an offside or else he'll break his neck in an accident
I'm calling up Grša to bring the prosciutto, we're going hard like the Mamić brothers
Every time we have to put on a show, we bring the whores like Ami G

IZA - Your Mistake

Pay attention to my flow
I know how to enjoy it
I know how to put on a show

Grasu XXL - Didaia (TraLaLa)!!

Well.. let them come and "kiss me"!!!
Tell it again, how many secs i still have
I have to put on a show
Even though i weren't programed

Duncan Laurence - Sad Old Me

I'll fake, "Okay, I'll play along"
Won't show you how I feel
I know how to put on a show
I'm sadder than you'll ever know

Lady Gaga - Disco Heaven

Oh, the disco heaven
Oh, the disco heaven

Get back, bunny

Hurricane G - No Love

Rock steady

Silverchair - Freak

No more maybes
Your baby's got rabies
Sitting on a ball
In the middle of the Andes

Emile Haynie - Wait For Life

Why you make me work so hard
To put on that evening show?
When you know that all I want
Is to make your money grow?

Christina Aguilera - Loving Me 4 Me

Stripped of all make up, no need for fancy clothes
No cover ups, push ups
With him, I dont have to put on a show
He loves every freckle, every curve, every inch of my skin

Sammy Rae - Whatever We Feel

Can you catch my vibe
Ooh, long rides with the people in my tribe
Comin' to put a show on for ya, babe
Go tell everyone you know about it