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Red flag

Submitted by Llegó Dolor Del Corazón on 2016-08-21

Meanings of "Red flag"


A sign or signal that something is wrong cue , It's a warning or alert

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προειδοποιητικό σήμα

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Swedish (dialects)

E symbol tett köppla té sosialismen å anarkismen.

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"Red flag" in lyrics

Fritz Brügel - Workers of Vienna

So fly, you flaming, you red flag,
before the paths which we pull.

Italian Folk - The wind blows

Waving his red flag
Victorious, finally we are free.
Waving his red flag
Victorious, finally we are free.

Revolutionary Protest Choir - Red Flag

Red flag will be triumphant
Red flag will be triumphant
Red flag will be triumphant
Long live communism and freedom!

Tom Cardy - Red Flags

"Very good, then, bon appétit"

Stop hiding behind your silly made-up red flag
To not take a chance on the best relationship you've never had

Bleona Brahaj - The 28th of November

This red and black flag
Waves in every home
Red flag, black flag

Lay (EXO) - Chinese People (Descendants of the Dragon)

Chinese people have the pure heart.
China's majestic-looking red flag flutters in the wind.


So fly, you flaming red flag,
Above the path that we pursue.

Yelena Vaenga - Schors 's song

Boldly, the riders leave at full gallop
We hear the sound of hooves,
Schors’s red flag
Flapping in the wind.

Ernst Busch - Fighting song against Fascism

Snap out of the old delusion!
The United Front marches
Under the Red Flag,
Displaying Sickle and Hammer.

Unknown Artist (Chinese)) - The Soul of the Chinese Army

Move forward, move forward
Move forward, move forward
The red flag flutters and the bugle sounds
The sword has been unsheathed, thunder and lightning

Erich-Weinert-Ensemble - The Banner of Marx and Lenin

Yes, Red Army men stormed ahead
From Moscow to Berlin
Carrying the red flag to victory
The banner, the banner of Marx and Lenin

Ernst Puchmüller - March of the Anti-Fascists

In the last of all wars.

Bravely carry in the front the red flag
In the struggle for peace, for freedom and bread.

Petros Pandis - Wake up, guys

to build the party with bravery and urge

always faithful in the red flag
to build the party with bravery and urge

Melendi - Bread for Yolanda

Lift the red flag and give me the white one
The one of hope, bro
(Lift the red flag 'cause I wanna swim)
From Pinar to Bayamo, we'll be dancing this Cuban son

Yelena Vaenga - перевод песни о щорсе на английский

What's your leader's name?
Wounded, he's still walking
For the red flag fame"
"We are sons of workers,

CORPSE - Cat Girls Are Ruining My Life!

Make it rain, leave her wet, like a snowflake
I tell her gimme space, she like, "No way"
That's a red flag, bitch, olè

Ahmet Şafak - Nice Arrival!

Don't go back.
From the right to the left, from the left to the right
Take red flag, on the enemy!

Unknown Artist (Albanian) - Mountains covered in green

The partisan voice is heard and it scares every enemy!
The red flag is raising, from the steel hands.
The red flag is raising, from the steel hands.

Perry Friedman - I carry a flag

I carry a flag,
The red flag of the workers' power.
At night, my father has

Korean People's Army State Merited Chorus - Song of Amur partisans

Flutter in the wind, our banner,
the red flag, coloured red with blood.
Brave are the cavalry ranks,