right in the head

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Meanings of "right in the head"


bien de la cabeza

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"right in the head" in lyrics

Bud Luckey - Boundin'

Here's a story on how strange is life with its changes,
And it happened not long ago
On a high mountain plain -- where the sagebrush arranges
A playground south of the snow --

Guè - Chico (Boy)

I'm like a director, she wants me to spin her
I talk more with the dead, I prefer them over the living
Shot me right in the head if you aim at it

Moana (OST) - Homeland

Our blood is one with the sea.
They think I'm crazy
They say I'm not right in the head
But the main happiness, granddaughter,

Feid - 911

to see how she looks, dancing on the sea shore

Seriously I'm not right in the head
How you perform without clothes, skillfully

The Amazing Devil - Farewell Wonderlust

And so long to the person you begged me to be
She’s down. She’s dead
Instead what is left but this old satin dress and the mess that you left when you told me I wasn’t right in the head

Mika - She Tells Me

She tells me
"What the hell are you doin' on the internet ?
Are you not right in the head ?
Look at how much time you waste"

nublu - Croissants

[Verse 1]
Okay, what actually happened then?
Some virus came
Everyone started a holiday, that's fine (What's the problem)

Cheloo - Smoke flow

Something is not right in the head, too bad,
Docs can fix this shit when I'll be pretty fucking dead,
Please don't feed my ego, I don't feel that shitty need
I'm a bad seed indeed, just let me smoke my weed,

Mad Show Boys - I Didn’t Go in for Karate

Who’s the god in the fight,
Just like Jackie Chan
With the leg right in the head,
Making all the girls

Azer Bülbül - I Dont Feel Good

I cant describe my mood now
I'm not be right in the head but im not insane
Seems like they tied my hands

Ost+Front - Rose Cavalier

Born into freedom, lost the freedom
A predator in chains is not to be saved anymore

1, 2, 3, 4

Annoying Orange - Bake it All! (Parody of "Taylor Swift - Shake it Off")

Throw in a funky feet, followed by some meat, he also adds some tea... mmhmmm... with a side of brie, mmhmmm...
There goes my pal lime... my pal lime, he's running out of time, running out of time.
Now he's adding bread, mmhmmm... he got smashed right in the head, mmhmmm... smashed right in the head, mmhmmm...
This is so confusing, don't know why he's choosing, to throw all that food in that bowl. Did she just add some coal?

Haloo Helsinki! - Fucking Zen

Again this same place
I see all the familiar faces
Someone says "hi!" but I'm still left alone
If you come in, I might go into psychosis

Poxy Boggards - Don't stick it in the crazy

Don't stick it in the crazy, beer can make your judgment hazy
She may be good in bed, but she's not right in the head
So don't stick it in the crazy

Dylan Thomas - Love in the Asylum

A stranger has come
To share my room in the house not right in the head,
A girl mad as birds

Sang mêlé - Don't Forget, Don't Forgive

Antifa stabbed too in the back.
I couldn't be quicker than the bullet that killed Markelov,
Right on the head, in full daylight, in Moscow, on the open street.
Defender of the oppressed and invalids,

You May Kiss the Bride - You Without Me

The way I'm going on with my eyes open, is not a (right) way
Although I know how I'll end up, I lost my way
I'm not right in the head

Væb - Movie

Cameras always on, I'm never free

A lot of people think I'm not right in the head
But I'm the star, I think in solutions

The Fratellis - Flathead

Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh

And she said the boy's not right in the head
Then I stood and said oh my god till she said

Weekend (Germany) - Life is a Bitch

And my mom storms furiously into the room
She screams: "You're not right in the head!"
Empty the dishwasher!