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Rigor mortis

Submitted by aka.leviathan on 2022-07-27

Meanings of "Rigor mortis"


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Explained by aka.leviathanaka.leviathan

"Rigor mortis" in lyrics

KMFDM - Gee Whiz!

Struck by lightning
Catapulted from rigor mortis

Dazey and the Scouts - Maggot

I don't need support 'cause I've got
My underwire bra
You're into rigor mortis
Ain't that against the law?

Will Wood and the Tapeworms - 2econd 2ight 2eer

I'm cut from a different kind of meat,
More than you can chew, hard to swallow me
Forget bored stiff, I got rigor mortis,
Call it morbid curiosity how I cannot commit to

The Addams Family (musical) - When You're an Addams

Bunny Hop!
Do the twist!
Rigor mortis!
Death rattle!

Aurelio Voltaire - Zombie Prostitute...

But all in all, she was a rotten kind'a cute.
While I was tense, it was plain to see
A sort of rigor mortis was comin' over me
I didn't want to see it, but I just had to believe it

Junoflo - LVL X

Now I’m tryna be like Ye high
Pray to your god or your allah
Rigor mortis no K.Dot
I ain’t really see the sun no daylight

Strana O.Z. - The Mafia Is Immortal

"What's wrong, Vincenzo, come out, be a man!"
In response, he very movingly begged for mercy,
But a minute later fell into rigor mortis
The Thompson in my hands was red-hot

Love of Lesbian - The bulls in the Wii (Fantastic)

What is a happy world, Buddha's or Schopenhauer's?
Self-help books or the beauty in Murakami?
No! Is those moments when get the Rigor Mortis,
and the laughter is the crying, and, with the crying, big tears like so...

N.W.A. - Express Yourself

Then expression is a big part of it
You ain't efficient when you flow
You ain't swift, moving like a tortoise, full of rigor mortis
There's a little bit more to show

Megadeth - 99 Ways to Die

And strung out just the same

Taunting rigor mortis
I feel it draw me in

Huge L - Rigor Mortis

I can see the sorrow in your eyes,
I can see the weather from the clouds but you can't see the man through the mirror
Miss, this life will never be what I can see,
What you can see inside your head

Aurelio Voltaire - Prostituata Zombie

Asadar, eram tensionat,
Era simplu de vazut,
Un fel de rigor mortis se pogarese peste mine
Nu am vrut s-o vad,

Eminem - Almost Famous

He don't owe them bitches shit, his britches, he outgrowed 'em
He's so out cold, he's knocked out at the South Pole
And nobody fucks with him, rigor mortis and post mortem
He's dyin' of boredom

Huge L - Rigor mortis

Mä surun sun silmistä nään,
ilman pilvistä säät, peilistä et ihmistä nää
neiti, ei ikinä tää, elämä tuu olee sitä mitä mä nään
mitä sä näät sisällä pään

Marika Hackman - Good Intentions

I just need your good vibrations
I've gotten so ill, and I’m still
Rigor mortis, set in motion
Bring me to life, I’m so tired

Shahmen - Yabancılar

Bildiğim tek şey dünyanın kendine has bi düzeni olduğu
Kimileri gudubet, kimileri muazzam
Bu tıpkı güllerin rigor mortis'le* karışmış olan kokusu gibi
Ama işe güzel tarafından bak, tüm dehşetten kurtulmaktan bahsediyorum

Destiny Lab - Translucent Cabal

Like a morbid assortment of Frankenstein forces
Controlled rigor mortis and zombified corpses
Distortions like hybridized flesh-covered cyborgs

Dazey and the Scouts - Gusano

No necesito apoyo porque tengo
Mi sostén con aros
Te gusta el rigor mortis
¿Qué no está eso contra la ley?

Immortal Technique - Eyes In The Sky

A heathen with nothing left to believe in. Even a reason from living that was forgiven by God and not religion
Envision Jesus risen from the dead like Horus
In the baptist church shaking off the rigor mortis
The borders should be illegal instead of the people

Shahmen - Strangers

All I know for sure is the world has it's forces
Some of them are hideous, some of them are gorgeous
Something like the smell of roses mixed with rigor mortis
But look into the bright side, past all the horrors