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Spill out

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Meanings of "Spill out"


to scatter, flow, or drop out of something.

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Выплёскиваться, выплёскивать.

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"Spill out" in lyrics

National Anthems & Patriotic Songs - Independence March

For only then, shall my fatigued tombstone, if there is one, prostrate1 a thousand times in ecstasy,
And tears of blood shall, o Lord, spill out from my every wound,
And my lifeless body shall burst forth from the earth like an eternal spirit,

  • 1. Prostration is the act of laying one's forehead on the ground as part of Muslim sacred ritual (Namaz, As-Sajda or salat). The poet's image here is one where even the battle-fallen's gravestone is engaging in sacred ritual in honor of the fighters' sacrifice.


“Welcome home,”
Same as always,
These words spill out.


far away
Never to be followed
Let it out. Spill it out
I will get it, all my dreams

Mafumafu - Déjà Vu

Those who forget their promises and homework win
And just like that, again tonight,
I feel like I might spill out from this world

Paradis - Mirror (One)

I spill out what hurts me
I feel dirty

EXO - Lady Luck

Just once in my life,
through the countless nights that I’ve fallen for you
You spill out to me (I’m earnestly waiting)

SEVENTEEN (South Korea) - Shining Diamond

You don’t need any other emotion
We’re running through the climax right here (coups)
Throw up and spill out
all that you’ve hidden inside, yeah

Gackt - Claymore

"I don't want to let you go..."
Before I let these feelings of mine spill out

The Weeknd - All I Know

Hang out the roof of the Ghost (yeah)
The cash in my pocket spill right on the floor (yeah-yeah)
The cash in my pocket spill out in the floor (hold up)
When the cash overflow, let the cash overflow

TK from Ling tosite sigure - 12th laser

Only I was imprisoned within this 12 centimeter hollow
I wanted your heart to be reflected in the world
My illusions spill out from this 12 centimeter hollow
The antenna delayed the forgotten landscape (look)

SHINee - Good Evening

I think of you

Spill out the darkness
Open the night

Nogizaka46 - Synchronicity

They could suddenly be crying before they notice.
Without anything like a reason for it coming to their mind,
tears spill out.
That's where

Cheloo - Addictions!

To wait after a legacy from a senile old lady
To live long, just for the sake of doin' it
To have a familly , to spill out n beams of childrens
To not smoke, to not drink, drogs to not sniff

Lim Kim | Togeworl - Rain

The humidity goes up 1 degree

Tears are about to spill out right now
It’s raining too so the wetness is natural

Bmike - Anxiety

Oh big time
Anxiety yeah
I feel it swimming thru my veins, I’m afraid I might get the blade, make a slit and let the blood spill out


We are still alive and only want to live out our fate
If that’s not sloth, then what is it?
As I overcame my insecurities I spill out my love
Even now I am waiting and longing for you

Junko Yagami - Night Flight

My heart begins to spill out of the twilight city
To find my happiness
I leave the city holding on to my memories
We always talked about being together forever

Quimby - It's passing away right now

It's passing away right now.
I just let it go,
let it spill out of me.
I thought, my one and only,

Koji Tamaki - It Was Love

Concealed at times, it’s been right there
Just the way you are, just the way I am
Be neither tough nor fragile, glitter and spill out

Orr Amrami Brockman - Madness

How much do i love you
you don't know anything
like trying to spill out the sea
it's called madness