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to stare into space

Submitted by ThunderZSniper on 2022-09-30

Meanings of "to stare into space"


to stare at nothing in particular, to stare forward with no purpose

Explained by ThunderZSniperThunderZSniper on Fri, 30/09/2022 - 19:37
Explained by ThunderZSniperThunderZSniper

"to stare into space" in lyrics

Music Hero - Universe

Let's go under the universe
Join me to stare into space
The moon and stars witness the love

Agrypnie - Morning

My eyes wander into emptiness1
Veils cloud my senses
In the weak glow of the lamp
I'm searching for the right words

  • 1. a combinaton of "den Blick schweifen lassen" ("to let one's view roam", 'to let one's eyes wander') and "ins Leere starren" ("to stare into emptiness", 'to stare into space')

Rainie Yang - Happy Ending

I’m not a good actress.
that’s why tears fall as I smile.
My dear, don’t feel guilty.
Peacefully separating is better than awkwardly holding on.

Beck - Profanity Prayers

Well you know how it looks
When you pull all your books from the table
And you stare into space
Trying to discern what to say now