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to stay afloat

Submitted by gutefee on 2022-01-19

Idiomatic translations of "to stay afloat"

få enderne til at mødes/nå sammen/hænge sammen
holde hovedet oven vande
holde skruen lige i vandet
at holde skindet på næsen
Het hoofd boven water houden
keep one’s head above water
make ends meet
get by
joindre les deux bouts
sich über Wasser halten
English, German #1, #2
über die Runden kommen
दो जून की रोटी
Arrivare alla fine del mese
плыть на плаву
llegar a fin de mes

Meanings of "to stay afloat"


to keep going in spite of difficulties

Explained by gutefeegutefee on Wed, 19/01/2022 - 22:09
Explained by gutefeegutefee

"to stay afloat" in lyrics

Mina Celentano - One Step Away From You

Adriano : And when i say that love imprisons the heart?
Might be a mirage older than the world
but struggling to stay afloat and then letting yourself drown isn’t so bad
and it’s better to think with dimmed lights

Pol Granch - Only 4 You

In all my stories, I'm having beers with my friends
but it's worth nothing if I'm no longer with you.
I want to stay afloat but I find myself sinking further,
smiling on the outside and truly fucked on the inside.

VERBEE - Hooked on you

In this sea of darkness only you help me
It's unclear what is ahead, there are still many reasons
To stay afloat, but I can't anymore
You hear me, I won't let you down.

Luca Carboni - Sea Sea

Sea, sea, sea
But you know that everyone has his dreams to follow, yes
To stay afloat and not to sink, no, no

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (OST) - Take a Look at Us Now

Take a look at us now

Though we had no way to stay afloat
We were scared they'd say, That's all she wrote"

Utada Hikaru - Keep tryin'


I try to stay afloat
But the world's ebb and flow is pretty intense

Alan Walker - Different World

Call my name howling from afar

We've been fighting our demons just to stay afloat
Been building our castle just to watch in fall

Hadag Nahash - Not Suckers

Living in this feeling of (like)
Without looking reality in the eye
Without moving forward, just trying to stay afloat
To disconnect, to do everything just to not get screwed

Antimatter - The Third Arm

Spirit betrayed,
Now you drown
Just to stay afloat.

Jacob Lee - Oceans

Scared of growing old
I would swim far into the ocean
And try to stay afloat
Until my lungs would cough up water

Vladimir Vysotsky - As I Was Carrying my Bane

Like a stone it fell underwater, -
But Bane - even though ponderous,
grasped sharp edges and managed to stay afloat.

Madrugada - Look Away Lucifer

It's a selfplaying piano
And it's so hard to stay afloat
If you wanna make a living here

Alisa (Russia) - The Music Addict

New Wave covered me, it covered me up to my head!

It was so hard to stay afloat but I fought and kept floating.
In deep pool of punk rock there are shallows and backwater:

Franco Battiato - Up patriots to arms

Doesn't come from the stars.
Stupid [people] to the rescue: the rivers are overflowing,
So you can manage to stay afloat!

Joy Crookes - Hurts

How I like my eggs in the mornin’ (You never ask me)
Takin' comfort in my shadow (Shadow)
But you seem to stay afloat 'cause you're shallow
You can never make a promise for tomorrow

EDEN - falling in reverse

And I can say the words that make you feel scared
So here's to you, and all the problems that we've made
And I know it’s so hard to stay afloat
When you make monsters out of thoughts

BENEE - Find an Island

[Verse 1]
Both shared a single rope
Trying to stay afloat
The treasure that you blew

Mili - Children of the City

Swallowing the fact that other than to expand
We had no purpose
As my ever-burning will to stay afloat backfires
I now know I must be comfortable being

Serena Brancale - To Float

It's easier to float
And never make a decision
To stay afloat
And then

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (OST) - Take a Look at Us Now (Reprise)

Suddenly standing ten-feet tall
Take a look at us now, take a look at us now
Though we have no way to stay afloat
We were scared they’d say, “That’s all she wrote”