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Taking an "L"

Submitted by José Vieira on 2022-09-26

Meanings of "Taking an "L""


It is an abbreviated way of saying that someone “took a loss” or failed at something, and it is often used in reference to work, school or sporting activities. The opposite of an L is a W.

Explained by José VieiraJosé Vieira on Mon, 26/09/2022 - 12:11
Explained by José VieiraJosé Vieira

"Taking an "L"" in lyrics

Jovanotti - TO YOU

And then I've seen you
Having the strength of an airplane
Taking your life in your hands
And draging it into a safe zone

Jay Chou - Dandelion's Promise

The dandelion next to the fence in primary school.
It was a scenery that had flavour in my memory.
Taking an afternoon nap,cicada noise comes from the playground.
After many years, it still sounds good.

Yōko Oginome - Dancing Hero (Eat You Up)

Here I am letting my beaded sighs spill into the night sky
You’re an angel, taking the steps
I want you to feel it… (Don’t rush things)

Adriano Celentano - Blue

and I'm up here, alone in the city.

I hear whistling above the roof,

an airplane taking off.

Christian Hymns & Songs - Angels Flying Here

Just like that, open your heart and begin to praise
All the joy of heaven over the altar
There`s an Angel taking blessing in his hands.

Jovanotti - To you

And then I saw you
With the strength of an airplane
Taking your life in your hands
And rescuing it

Konstinov Vyacheslav - The Order Came

The order came, and on orders we get up,
Taking an AKM, sitting at night on the plane,
In the early hours, when the earth was still asleep,

Andrew Tan - Diva

Finally found an excuse, taking the chance while I am tipsy,
to express all the feelings in my heart.
Loneliness gradually get stronger, silence remains at the corner of the dance floor.
The more or less you said,

Slava Moskovkin - My Kazakhstan

And there are no such boundaries, so as not to come to you, you are forever with me, my Kazakhstan.
Oh, how many years, how do I set the course,
Then lightly, then taking an exorbitant load.
But every time your image saved me,

Shahin Najafi - Bamdad

All the windows were closed and blackened

The hope for taking an easy breath was smashed

Nautilus Pompilius - Wings

(this is an almost literal translation with a few tweaks to preserve the rhythm of the song, i.e. you can sing this lyrics to the original chords)

You're taking off an evening dress
silently, facing the wall,

Moein - Don't Take an Oath

Don't take an oath on my life
Because without taking an oath I know
The light of your star

The Flirtations - Earthquake

It's like an earthquake, stirring my soul
It's like an earthquake, taking control
It's like an earthquake, this feeling inside

Lucha Reyes (Peru) - José Antonio

How tenderly the brake governs
with only silk ribbon
when taking an elegant swerve
the creole Barb.

Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift [Liner Notes]

I love everyone who helped put this album together. Scott Borchetta for believing in me and actually DOING something about it. Shake and bake, Radioman. This is how we roll. Nathan Chapman because he is the most amazing red-headed freckle-faced little producer in the world and I love your beautiful wife Stephanie. Thanks Nathan for gracing me with your first album. Liz Rose, you are my songwriting soulmate, and one of my dearest friends. Robert Ellis Orrall, you Rock! Nick for breaking your drumsticks on my songs, Tim for playing on my session ON YOUR BIRTHDAY, and everyone else who played on the album because you are THAT GOOD. Chad, for your amazing mullet (and engineering skills).
I love my record label. Jack Purcell, for your Minnesota accent. Mandy McCarmack, for humoring me in my mailbox obsession. Rick Barker, because I learned everything about radio in...nevermind. HAHA. Bobby Young, thanks for taking us shopping. Whitney Sutton, you are so organized and I love you for it. JZ, because of that adorable laugh/nose thing you do. Nancy Johnson, for being my GIRL and pretty much a genius. Jayme Austin for adding so much spirit to the label. Sandi Spika Borchetta, for being so creative/brilliant/beautiful and buying me pretty things to wear. Penny Laza, because you are a crazy rock star. Andrew Kautz, if I ever walk into the label, and you're NOT there, I will not know what to do with myself. Cynthia Grimson, for your amazingly dry sense of humor. Ray Pronto, for putting this Big Machine in motionnnn.
I love the people who helped me get here. Arthur Buenahara, thank your for signing a FOURTEEN year old to a full writers publishing deal. I will never forget that. In fact, I love everyone at Sony Publishing. Pat Garrett and Suzy Dalton for letting my little ten-year old self open up for you. Harry Warner, for being such a gentleman and having my back at BMI. Frank Bell for being so brutally honest about my music from the time I was like 12, and so supportive of my career NOW. Andrew Orth for 14 years of great photos! Cindy Guagenti for being the most stylish publicist in the world. Jody Williams, for listening to my rants about high school, and being such a dear friend and musicologist. HHS for supporting me 100%. Bob Taylor and Bob Borbonus at Taylor Guitars for believing in me and making perfection in the form of guitars. Mike Milom for being a genius and the best lawyer ever. Sarah, Ed, and Jim at GAC for taking such a vested interest in me, and PUTTING ME ON TV! CMT you're awesome! Trey Fanjoy, because you are such a visionary and for directing an amazing video. Pete Fisher you are amazing. Rod Essig, for believing in me from the beginning and being so passionate about what you do. I love Tim McGraw for making such inspiring music. I love Faith Hill for being the most graceful woman in the world. I love you, Jack Ingram. If at any point in my life, I ever amount to being HALF as cool as you, I will throw myself a party. I LOVE RADIO because I haven't met one person I don't consider a friend. I love all of my myspace friends for taking such an active roll in what I do, I will never forget how you all rallied for me from the beginning.
I love everyone who's inspired me to write a song, whether you know it or not. I love anyone who has ever turned the volume up when my song comes on the radio, anyone who has bought this album. Anyone who can sing along to my songs when I play them live. Anyone who's ever requested my song on the radio, or even remembered my name. If you ever see me in public, I want to meet you. I will thank you myself. You have let me into your life, and I will never be able to thank you enough for that. I love YOU, and I love God for putting you in my life

Milva - What they say about me

making decisions I might regret later.
And they say that right now
I’m taking an unnecessary risk.

Nautilus Pompilius - Wings

[this (the second one of mine) is a literal translation, where the rhythm of the original song is not preserved]

You're taking off an evening dress
facing the wall

Devils’ Line (OST) - Eclipse

(Where is my heart?) In the darkness 
(Where is my heart?) I have fallen
(Where is my heart?) It's taking an awful form

Emma Nolde - HitTheGround

Oh, how true it is that I remain indifferent at home
I shut my mouth forever
It's hard to live in the moment without taking an uncertain step
But if, from tomorrow, I walk, it's because I took the first step

Booker T. & Priscilla - The Wedding Song

Tomorrow I'll marry
The woman that I love
The preacher will marry
The eagle to the dove