That's a ticket

Meanings of "That's a ticket"


"Tam da ihtiyacımız/ihtiyacım olan şey!" anlamlarına gelmekte.

"That's a ticket" in lyrics

Nina Chuba - I hate you

Every number of top model types on your phone
Never gotten dumped except for one with presents
Wouldn't even be surprised if you were the president tomorrow
because everyone just unconditionally carries you son of a bitch around

Joey Valence - Hooligang

Yo, you want to see something cool?
Well Ima do it anyway

Iggy Azalea - Work

[VERSE 1:]
Walk a mile in these Louboutins
But they don't wear these shits where I'm from
I'm not hating, I'm just telling you

António Zambujo - The Ticket Agent of 7

Early in the morning
I jump from the nest and go to the stop
With an headbang, waiting for the seven
Not for the voyage

Ultimo - Wherever you are

In this house, that's now sad, I can still smell your perfume,
I put the photos you've already seen on the piano,
The necklace I gave you is still here

Yung Felix - Loco

This is a different train
loco, locomotive
this is a different train
loco, locomotive

Seeed - Ticket

This is Seeed, yo!

Frankie is on the phone
Yeah, yeah, let the music grow

In the Heights (Musical) - In the Heights

Lights up on Washington Heights, up at the break of day
I wake up and I got this little punk I gotta chase away
Pop the grate at the crack of dawn, sing

Edith Márquez - At any moment.

At any moment, (one of those days),
I turn on to you all the muted stars,
and I take you to a world where nothing to hurts you,
neither the lies, nor the looks....

Paulina Rubio - Not Roses, nor Objects (literally "Toys")

The cost to buy a ticket, even to the moon
For me, there is no bet to win,
You can't convince me that I want that ticket.

Bia Ferreira - Quotas Aren't Handouts

There are a lot of thing they didn't teach you in school
Quotas aren't handouts!
Try being born black in a slum and you'll see
What happens with black and poor people doesn't appear on TV

Katerina Dolmatova - A pack of cigarettes

I'm sitting and looking out from the strange window at the strange sky, and I don't see any familiar star.
I have been walking on all roads there and back,
I turned around - and couldn't notice the footprints.

Dave Stewart - One Way Ticket to the Moon

He wishes he could fly away
From all his yesterdays
If he could, he would gladly pay
For a one way ticket to the moon

Mirabela Dauer - The Armchair in the Room (I'm Waiting for You to Come)

The arm chair in the room
And a book you left on the
One last cigar, forgotten on the corner of the
And the flower in the window,

Marilyn Manson - The Death Song

We're on a bullet and we're headed straight into God
Even he'd like to end it, too
We take a pill, get a face, buy our ticket
And we hope that heaven's true

Pyhimys - Fucking whore

I take twenty out of ATM in the morning
But in the evening I notice that I'm using it for a lottery ticket
And with that ticket I want to get more of it
I'm a greedy bastard, nothing is enough

MYA (Argentina) - Like no one else

Tired of, of you sleeping alone
And me sleeping alone too
Knowing that those clothes aren't going to fall off by themselves.

Willie Peyote - Blame it on the Wind

We have gone through telepathy
Not to feel like in the gallery
The utopia that that ticket was a winner
We will remain in doubt forever

Connect-R - In the summer I do not sleep

Hey, in the summer i do not sleep,
Only if you give me some sleeping pills
And if I can not take the pills, Kamerera give me a beer!
I drink in The Sun honour because I miss it

Ziyoou Vachi - First Departure

When the first train leaves JR Shinjuku, I’ll leave your side
The taste left in my mouth asks: “Are you sober? Can you do without it?”
I wonder how many years have passed? My counting fingers are growing numb with cold
This small heart couldn’t take much in the first place