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That's a ticket

Submitted by 𝐋𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐰 on 2022-11-13

Meanings of "That's a ticket"


"Tam da ihtiyacımız/ihtiyacım olan şey!" anlamlarına gelmekte.

Explained by 𝐋𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐰𝐋𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐰 on Sun, 13/11/2022 - 22:51

"That's a ticket" in lyrics

Anuel AA - China

My wife was calling me
Dy, dy, dy, Daddy
(Dancing with you, Ozuna)

Bump of Chicken - Answer

I remember those magic words: the name of the place where that rainbow began.
That's when my entire world was stained in color, in a single instant.
I try my best to not trip, but I have to keep moving ever onward;

Orelsan - Notes for Too Late

Okay, I was your age about your age ago
The transition to adulthood is slippery in the corners
Becoming a man: there is no training, no retake

Yung Felix - Loco

This is a different train
loco, locomotive
this is a different train
loco, locomotive

António Zambujo - The Ticket Agent of 7

Early in the morning
I jump from the nest and go to the stop
With an headbang, waiting for the seven
Not for the voyage

Seeed - Ticket

This is Seeed, yo!

Frankie is on the phone
Yeah, yeah, let the music grow

Ultimo - Wherever you are

In this house, that's now sad, I can still smell your perfume,
I put the photos you've already seen on the piano,
The necklace I gave you is still here

Timati - See

Second last floor, Moscow City
But she's on the Neva, where they raise the bridges.
This night, from different points,
We were admiring the shining of the same star

In the Heights (Musical) - In the Heights

Lights up on Washington Heights, up at the break of day
I wake up and I got this little punk I gotta chase away
Pop the grate at the crack of dawn, sing

Orelsan - Note For Too Late

Ok, I was your age more or less your age ago
The way to maturity is slippery in the corners
To become a man: there's no trainning, no second chance
Now, you're in the big bath, guess how to swim

Paulina Rubio - Not Roses, nor Objects (literally "Toys")

The cost to buy a ticket, even to the moon
For me, there is no bet to win,
You can't convince me that I want that ticket.

Bia Ferreira - Quotas Aren't Handouts

There are a lot of thing they didn't teach you in school
Quotas aren't handouts!
Try being born black in a slum and you'll see
What happens with black and poor people doesn't appear on TV

Pablo Alborán - Trip to nowhere

What is wrong with you? What is happening to you? Talk to me
What did I say or what did I do unintentionally?
You hide something, I know it, I know you very well
And I won't keep insisting one more time

Joey Valence - Hooligang

Yo, you want to see something cool?
Well Ima do it anyway

Tyga - Molly

[Intro - Robot Voice]
Hi, I'm looking for Molly
I've been searching everywhere
And I can't seem to find

Bon Jovi - Lie to Me

Rumor has it that your daddy's comin' down
He's gonna pay the rent
Tell me baby, is this as good as life is gonna get
It feels like there's a stranger

Darell - To see

With this ass, baby, you kill the league
show me to see, to see, to see, to see, to see
make me what you want, climb over me

Dave Stewart - One Way Ticket to the Moon

He wishes he could fly away
From all his yesterdays
If he could, he would gladly pay
For a one way ticket to the moon

MYA (Argentina) - Like no one else

Tired of, of you sleeping alone
And me sleeping alone too
Knowing that those clothes aren't going to fall off by themselves.

Julio Iglesias - Life

No one chooses his family
or his race when he's born,
nor whether he’ll be rich, poor, good, bad,
a brave one or a coward.