under the weather

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Meanings of "under the weather"


somewhat ill or gloomy

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To feel slightly unwell, not in good spirits. If you have a cold, or if it's raining and wet and the arthritis is aching, then you might feel a bit under the weather.

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Άρρωστος, κουρασμένος, σε κακή διάθεση

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чувствовать себя не хорошо; недомогать

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Разбољети се, не осјећати се добро

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Yorgun ya da hasta hissetmek.

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kendini kötü/halsiz/hasta hissetmek

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"under the weather" in lyrics

Grand Corps Malade - Romeo Likes Juliette

Romeo lives on the ground floor of the third building
Juliette in the flat in front of it,on the last floor
They both are sixteen and everyday when they see each other
Grows in their gazes a need to share

Feu! Chatterton - New World

About the subsahrian climate

We were feeling under the weather
But we were replying well

NF - Leave Me Alone

I come out of nowhere, they don't even notice
The flow is so cold, you would think it was snowin' (Oh) (Leave me alone)
I'm under the weather, but wind isn't blowin'
I got an umbrella for difficult moments

Clairo - How Did I Ever

Don't know what I would do

My heart is under the weather
I know that I’m the only one who can heal it

Benjamin Biolay - It's Wonderful

Life is there,
Is takes you by the arm
Oh la la la
It's wonderful

Vladimir Vysotsky - IN A RESTAURANT

"Your health!" said he. "I'm working on it!" said I.

"So", says the Captain - a bit under the weather -
"I see you can handle your vodka just fine, but...

Amazarashi - A Cold

The inevitable will inevitably find a means to occur.

Sorry about that, I’ve just been a little under the weather. I promise.
Been clinging to the toilet for hours now, delirious and in a daze.

Mac Miller - Cinderella

It's only right that right after love, I write my name
If it's forever or never it's all the same
Under the weather
Feel much better when that weather isn't rain

Kiki's Delivery Service (OST) - I'm Gonna Fly

One day the whole world looks like an open page. 
And you've been dancing as fast as you can, 
With a smile on your face. 

Team StarKid - Not Your Seed

No more family vacays together
'Cause your only daughter's under the weather
And if you actually paid attention to me

Mohsen Chavoshi - I'm feeling under the weather again

It's been two days that the world has become more of the cage than it used to be
Give me some breath (of life), I'm feeling under the weather again
Have my back, they say you're a man of faith

Sho Madjozi - Wakanda Forever

Now we Wakanda forever
Break up? Oh never
You leave me under the weather
Blue tick, return to the sender

Bulutsuzluk Özlemi - You Have To Stay Alive

Today you're under the weather
And to you, everything seems harder
That's possible..
Today, your love might have ended

The Living Tombstone - Can't Wait

Work hard
Get my shit together
I'm overwhelmed and I'm under the weather
This month

JT Music - Teach You How to Die

Then my mom got me up
"Get ready for school, you need to eat your wheathes and double knot your shoes, and better remember don't you forget your 7 noteboos" AH!
But mom I feel under the weather today
"I'll let you stay home sick as soon as you get better grades"

Distant Cousins - Angelina

You looked lost.
I was scared,
under the weather
and underprepared.

Guf - It's All Cool Sweetie/ Ice Baby

(They) Put it right next to me and said “We’re gonna leave this here”
"We can let you have some if you need some, here take as much as you want"
I am not greedy but under the weather I happened to be in a sad mood

Helavisa - Krakatuk

Here's a window, here we are sitting on a window sill.
Before the window, armed cavalry is marching in a formation
Along the ice-covered cobblestone road:
Helmets, blades in the night, imprints of epaulettes.

Gabrielle Aplin - Kintsugi

(All my scars are golden)
I'm under the weather with no place to be
But maybe that's just what I need (Kintsugi)

Cameo - Don't Be Lonely

Looks like you've lost a best friend
I can understand it
I've been under the weather a bit myself