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what the heck

Submitted by marta90 on Thu, 05/01/2017 - 09:51

Idiomatic translations of "what the heck"

Was zum Teufel?
¿Qué demonios?

Meanings of "what the heck"


1. Used to say that you will do something although you know you should not do it.

2. A synonym for "what the hell".

Explained by marta90marta90 on Thu, 05/01/2017 - 09:51
Explained by marta90marta90

Τι στο καλό;

Explained by Laetitia MwanantebaLaetitia Mwananteba on Sat, 07/01/2017 - 16:00
Explained by Laetitia MwanantebaLaetitia Mwananteba

ce naiba, ce dracu'.

Explained by sanducusanducu on Tue, 06/10/2020 - 14:36
Explained by sanducusanducu

1. чёрт с ним / с тобой.
2. какого чёрта!

Explained by St. SolSt. Sol on Mon, 03/08/2020 - 17:46
Explained by St. SolSt. Sol

"what the heck" in lyrics

Miguel Bosé - Cowboy Mouse

And crossed his arms

-What the heck
is this house

Fujii Kaze - Festival

I'm gonna embrace it all for now

So, what the heck do you want
Who the hell do you wanna beat

Bárbara Tinoco - Before She's Said Yes

Offended by the incident
Gathered the courage to love him
And asked, "And you, what the heck is yours?"

Radwimps - TanTrum

what's going on, what is it going on, please you shut up now and ever
what's going on, why should I care that, what the heck should I care
don't anything, anything could be okay, yo-heave-ho, you pick a fight to me

Beetlejuice The Musical - Say My Name

What the heck was that?

One OK Rock - Incomplete Symphony

Incomplete! Yeah, I am!
What the heck’s “incomplete” everybody!?
Every time you reach the limit of giving your all at living, learn from those ups and downs

Good Girl (OST) - WITCH (마녀사냥)

가식적인 너를 I see through that mask

What the heck did I do so wrong
여기서 제일 솔직한 년

ZICO - Say yes or no

Hurry, yes or no Do you love it thanks a lot
Say yes or no, say yes or no
Hurry, yes or no that’s funny what the heck am i doing

takamatt - TOKIO FUNKA

Prostitute servants the same as ukiyoe are taboo
being able to enjoy the scramble road is alright
what the heck do you want to do from now on?
as you are now,

Spanish Children Songs - El ratón vaquero

y cruzó los brazos:

What the heck is this house
for a manly Cowboy Mouse

Beetlejuice The Musical - Say My Name (Full version)

[BARBARA, spoken]
What the heck was that?

Mean Girls (Musical) - Whose House Is This?

And molly and the conahan (My house! My house! My house! My house!)
Drinking from the neck
Of the bottle, what the heck
We lit up up like a torch

Tom and Jerry - Friends To The End

We'll weather life together
So what the heck?
Here's what we recommend


Even if doesn’t mean anything anymore I desperately and cleverly PLAY
I become super-serious and the SAME doesn’t match
What the heck is this now? It feels like I’ve become a kid
Let’s flip it FROM “bara” (rose) to MY “rabaa” (lover)!

Radwimps - Brainwashing

You can't comprehend? Well it's the same for me, too

"Open your eyes"* What the heck are you saying?
Not a single word is incorrect Yeah, that's the same for me, too

Les Colocs - Beelzebub

It makes me feels kind of weird
It makes my hair stand on end, it scares me to death
What the heck is a veterinarian?

Ufuk Beydemir - I'm In Love

I've wanted love, I've fallen in love, I've got insane
I didn't know what patience is
What the heck is patience, I've turned into a stone

Ufo361 - Being everything

Like I was all alone
Yes, I look around, but I don't see any
What the heck are you doing? What is this?
I'm not gonna suss it out.

Rodgau Monotones - The Hessians are Coming

What sort of miserable racket
is coming out of Frankfurt, Darmstadt, Offenbach?
What the heck is making a noise in Kassel ,Giessen,
Wiesbaden so mercilessly?

Sido - 30-11-80

and he had to do something about it, which only the best will understand
otherwise he would drown West
So "What the heck", that name sucked
so he gave the I and took away the M and U