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worst-case scenario

Submitted by Guest on 2019-06-07

Idiomatic translations of "worst-case scenario"

Στην χειρότερη (των περιπτώσεων/ περίπτωση)
при самом плохом раскладе

Meanings of "worst-case scenario"


The worst possible thing that could happen.

Explained by Guest on Fri, 07/06/2019 - 18:41
Explained by Guest

در بدترین حالت

Explained by AshlynAshlyn on Tue, 11/06/2019 - 13:15
Explained by AshlynAshlyn

"worst-case scenario" in lyrics

Fishbach - Deadly

Parachutist, will I turn out to be your target?
And in my discs, aim randomly, worst case scenario
Is you'll find some of my annoying whims


What? Oh no! I can’t believe this!
I really can’t go on like this!
Well, even in the worst-case scenario
I just want to think that love is my motive

Bonaparte (Germany) - Melody X

Oh you know you try
Oh you know you try
It's the worst case scenario lullaby

Amazarashi - Hero

And there I’ll win the day, promising never to give up. The biggest chest of us all. I'll be the hero.

This is the absolute worst-case scenario.
Even so I’ll stand tall and proud.

Nephew - Worst & Best Case Scenario

A bike light forgotten in the night
I break the chain from my SCO (Bike model)
A Nefa torch lit in the night
I chain smoke Marlboro Light

India Martínez - Wishes of Impossible Things

Just like the poet that chooses to work in a bank,
it could be that in the worst case scenario
I could apply a judo lock on my poor heart,

Nephew - Worst & Best Case Scenario

En cykellygte glemt i natten
jeg kædebremser min SCO
en Nefa-lygte tændt i natten
jeg kæderyger Marlboro Light

Juice WRLD - My Life In A Nutshell

They say living's harder than dyin', I'm willing to gamble that
Find me unresponsive in a hotel room, girl, can you handle that?
Worst case scenario
You still hear my songs on the stereo

grandson - Peaches

[Verse 1: Grandson]
Raindrops keep falling around me
My worst case scenario found me
My dog died and my homie OD’ed

Eminem - Love Game

[Verse 1: Eminem]
Something's burnin', I can't figure out what (out what)
It's either lust or a cloud of dust
Judgement is clouded; must

MZ - I'm a Liar

Save me a place in your heart
I'll keep you one under my sheets
Worst case scenario, I'll think of you
In the arms of another girl

Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas - Step of Terror

We have to realize that if this goes too far, we are over
If not now, when will we?
When will we really notice the worst case scenario
will soon about to occur

Pond - The Weather

The leather and the blood, and all the sudden rain
And man, you should’ve seen those cops' batons
The worst case scenario, survival game

Letzte Instanz - The rumour

Because you are different from the others
That is your offense
You are in the worst case scenario1
Unintentionally unpleasant

  • 1. This is difficult to translate adequately. "Im Falle des/eines Falles" means "If the worst comes to the worst" literally "In the case of the/a case". The song line says "in the case of *this case*" meaning the presumed crime.

Q Strange - Low Life Anthem

Strange made it back from the grave to reclaim
What was rightfully my shit in the first place.
The worst case scenario, forget it, yo,
'Cause I don't think they're ready for this decorated general

Yehuda Poliker - And The Children Are Coming

someone will cry and someone will laugh
someone will get out whole and someone will hurt
i always think about the worst case scenario

Birdman - Like Father, Like Son

I put you niggas in the closet in the shirt space
You niggas yellow like Sesame street Bert's face
Worst case scenario, burial
Two tone Carara like Mascara, uh

Nabiha - Sneaking Out the Backdoor

The time has come to shine
I'm gonna face these fears of mine
Worst case scenario
I could be sneaking out the backdoor

Matanza - Worst-Case Scenario

Turn the knob, but the radio doesn't respond
Water level rising
Worst-case scenario
The sea becoming rough

Kovy - Youtuber

and now I'm just waiting for an idea.

In worst case scenario I'll try to take inspiration,
but I won't copy others' work…