Idu dani (English translation)


Idu dani

Znamo se od malena
hladna si kao stena
ne mogu srce da ti troše
Sa zverima se boriš
a pored mene goriš
to kriješ, al' ti ide loše
Od mene dobićeš koliko daš
ti u meni druga ne gledaš
Ref. 2x
Idu nam, idu dani
uvek je priča ista
jer mi se od detinjstva vrtimo u krug
Bežimo negde sami
sve mi na celu piše
stvarno ne mogu više
da ti budem drug
Ziviš k'o prava dama
gledam te godinama
ljubavne savete ti delim
Ti si mi na pameti
i kako vreme leti
sve više te želim
Ref. 4x
Stvarno ne mogu visš
da ti budem drug
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English translation

Days are passing

We've known each other since childhood
You are cold as a rock
They can't squander your heart
You fight with beasts
yet you burn beside me
You hide it, but not so well
You will get from me the as much as you give
You don't see a friend in me
Ref. 2x
They are passing, days are passing
It's always the same story
because we are spinning in circles since childhood
We are escaping somewhere, alone
Everything is written on my forehead
I really can't be
your friend anymore
You live like a true lady
I've been watching you for years
I've been giving you love advices
You are on my mind
and as the time flies
I want you more and more
I really can't be
your friend anymore
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