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Ieva's Polka

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From the neighbour's the polka rhythm was calling
The bottoms of my feet were tingling
Eva's mother was guarding her daughter,
But Eva managed to fool her
For no forbiddance will stand in our way,
When we dance all around
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Eva's mouth was smiling widly,
As people were congratulating her
Everyone's head was wet from sweat
And the violin whined and wailed
This lad isn't bothered by the wetness,
As he whirls all around
Eva's mother was in her chambers,
muttering a psalm to herself
As this lad was at the neighbour's
Nailing the old hag's daughter
For this lad isn't bothered by old hags
As he whirls all around
There was fun after the music
I made it flame up once
As we went home this hag had a row
And Eva started sobbing
I said to Eva, don't mind it,
We'll still whirl all around
To the mother I said, so she would shut up,
I can't guarantee your health
You'll get to keep it by holding your tongue
And go away to sulk by yourself
This lad doesn't care for being gentle,
When old hags drudge all around
I'll say this, that you'll have to work
For you can't get me so easily
You may go from west to east,
Still I won't let go of Eva
For this lad doesn't care for modesty,
As he dances all around
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Author's comments:

The refrain, "Salivili hipput tupput täppyt / äppyt tipput hilijalleen", is partly nonsensical, but can be interpreted as "The room was bustling with people, dancing quietly (sali = the room; vili ~ "vilistä" = swarm, bustle; hil(i)jalleen = quietly, without a sound ~ secretly


Ievan polkka

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