İlkan Günüç - İhanet (English translation)



Keşke benim kadar yürekli olabilseydin
Olan biten ne varsa zamanında söyleseydin
Rezil rüsva olduk elin dilinde
Çok yazık ziyan ettin ikimizi de
Yazıldı ihanetin
Yanına kalır mı sevgilim
Bekliyorum hadi çık karşıma
Kaldıysa cesaretin
Günahlar hep boynuna
Yanına kalmaz emeklerim
Vuracak seni terazisi
Verdiğin yeminlerin
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I wish you were as brave as me,
And whatever going on, you would have told me,
We became infamous and disgraceful for your act and tongue,
It's so much a pity, you wasted both of us.
Your treachery is recorded,
Does it remain with you my darling
I'll be waiting, come on, leave me alone,
If there is still any bravey left with you,
All the faults are with you,
My efforts won't remain with you,
It's scales will beat you,
For the oaths you already took.
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