Gary Valenciano - Ikaw Lamang (English translation)

English translation

You Alone/Only You

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(It's) Only you
that I think about
that I dream about
the two of us, loving always
I hope
this will never fade
This love of mine
coz I can not bear loosing you
You are my only life
I really hope you can hear
my heart that says
Only you
are the one I love
The one I pray for
I hope we'll stay for life
This heart of mine
I offer to you alone
this is my promise
from now until forever..
Only you..
you are my only life
I hope my dear, you'll listen
to my heart that says..
repeat chorus:
Only You
Submitted by xei2k on Tue, 11/01/2011 - 04:51
Author's comments:

Only You or You Alone. Either way, it makes sense.


Ikaw Lamang

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