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Iki günlük dünya

bu benim derdimi hiç çaresı olmaz
sancısı yar olanın arası dur olmaz oy
Istedim kı gelesin iki günlük dünya
sarılıp yatayım
neden uzar bu cefa oy
bu ne biçim aşktır yere göğe sıgmaz
dermanında yardır gayrısı derman olmaz oy
nar baharı ayda hayaller üşür mü
titrer mi düşlerde gidenler gelir mi oy
Submitted by Arikamel on Tue, 13/03/2018 - 19:42
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English translation

Two Day World

There is no solution for this trouble of mine
It's impossible for the pain between lovers to end1
I wanted you to come, two day world2
Let me embrace then lie down
Why does this suffering drag on and on?
What kind of love is this, it doesn't fit into the earth or the sky
The lover is in the remedy, there is no remedy1
In the month of pomegranate blossoms do dreams grow cold?
Do they tremble? Do those who leave in dreams come?
  • 1. a. b. I am unsure about the proper translation of this line
  • 2. There are two possible meanings for this: 1) this world and the world to come; or 2) it is a play on words on the idiom "three day world" which refers to the brevity of life which lasts only for yesterday, today, and tomorrow
Submitted by msdouglas on Sat, 17/03/2018 - 15:16
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