Rauli Badding Somerjoki - Ikkunaprinsessa (English translation)

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Window princess

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A little boy can't trust in women
They cause little hearts a lot of sorrow
But even a little boy can stare outta window in the evening
A princess of my dreams is looking from it
Behind the window glass [x2], My girl is looking out
She's the prettiest of all women I know
Even small breasts I put up with in my princess
The hat is flawless and also the rhythm of the body is good
Behind the window glass my girl is looking out
Oh Glendora, Oh Glendora, Oh Glendora,
how I adore you
One night I came to the window again
some other guy was already covering her with robes
He covered her head and everything else
changing her to a decorated doll
Behind the window glass, behind the window glass
someone else stole my girl
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