Il banchetto (English translation)

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The Banquet

Sir, [His] Majesty,
Everyone is here, reverent as usual.
Sir, it's us:
The Poet, The Murderer and His Holiness.
[We're] all your faithful friends.
Ah, [His] Majesty.
You're welcome, my friends,
You know, I cannot live without you.
Quick, sit down:
We were waiting just for you at the banquet[, and we will wait you]
[For]ever, [for] each day that will come,
Until love and peace will reign.
Everyone is smiling.
Only people are not smiling, but we [already] knew that.
They always whimper,
Nothing pleases them,1, [we] wonder why.
  • 1. In the sense of “They have always something to complain about”
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Il banchetto

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