Il conformista (English translation)

English translation

The Conformist

I am
a new man
so new that I haven't even been a fascist anymore for quite some time
I'm sensitive and altruistic
and in the past I had been
a bit 1968-nostalgic
environmentalist since quite some time
some years ago, in the general euphoria I had felt
a bit socialist, like basically everyone.
I am
a new man
Of course, I say it verbatim: I'm a progressive
at the same time liberalist
and I'm very good
I'm an animal right activist
I'm not pro-State Aid anymore
lately, I've been a little against the tide
I'm a federalist.
The conformist
is one who usually is always in the right,
the conformist has all the answers clear inside their mind
they're a heap of opinions
they hold two or three newspapers under their arm
and when they feel like thinking, they think by hearsay
maybe, like a good opportunist
they adjust without paying attention to it and they live in their own paradise.
The conformist
is an all-around man who moves without consistency 1 ,
the conformist trains to slide inside the sea of majority
they're a very common animal
that feeds on conversation words
by night they dream and dreams of other dreamers come out
by day, their party starts
which is staying at peace with the world
and making their way floating
the conformist
the conformist.
I am
a new man
and I have an extraordinary relationship with women, I'm a feminist
I'm available and positive
I never raise my voice
I'm a pacifist
I used to be marxist-leninist
and after sometime, I don't know why, I found myself
Catholic Communist.
The conformist
hasn't understood well that they bounce around better than a ball
the advanced aerostat conformist
who is inflated by information
is the result of a species
that always flies at a low altitude on the surface
then grazes the world with a finger and feels fulfilled,
they live and this is already enough for them
and I have to say that by now
they look a lot like all of us
the conformist
the conformist.
I am
a new man
so new that you can see at first glance I'm the new conformist.
  • 1. not sure, but I think he means that the conformist moves as if they were immaterial, without a friction because they don't have a personality or opinions, they just go with the flow passively
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Il conformista

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